The start of the high school season is upon us. At the 6th Annual Phenom High School Jamboree, we got a nice glimpse of the players who have made the biggest jump in their game. These are the players who have put in work during the summer and off season to get better. Now, we will take a closer look at players that impressed us with their improvement and guys who has raised their stock.

6’8 2019 Nic Evtimov (Greensboro Day)

Nic Evtimov has spent quality time toning up his body. He is stronger, leaner, quicker, but more importantly, he is more confident.. Always known for having passer friendly hands and good footwork in the post Evtimov has enhanced his offensive arsenal especially in the paint. The fundamentally sound, high IQ and advanced skill set of Evtimov should quickly garnish interest from mid-majors. He’s a tough, gritty, blue-collar worker and will give you maximum effort 100% of the time.


6’6 2021 Omarion Bodrick (Independence High School) 

Three years ago, we remember 6’6 Matthew Smith as a potential D1 prospect. We got that one right as Smith has signed with Murray State. Next in line is 6’6 Omarion Bodrick. We’re talking about a youthful, lengthy, and bouncy wing forward who made his presence known on both ends of the court. Bodrick used his length effectively in blocking and altering shots. Bodrick also  impressed us with his energy, effort and aggressive approach to the game. While his game is still evolving offensively, look for D1 schools to get involved sooner rather than later.


6’2 2019 Caleb Burgess (Moravian Prep High School)

We’ve been a fan of Caleb Burgess for quite some time,  even more so after observing him at open gym. There’s an old saying, you can get as much out of a practice as you do in a game. We were impressed with his vocal court leadership during open gym. Burgess set the tone early and set it often. He was without question the leader of the team. At the Phenom High School Jamboree, Burgess impressive work ethic in practice  transitioned nicely into his game. Known for his ability to score from all levels, it was shooting touch that grabbed our  attention. He was knocking down shots with ease and had a game high 24 points hitting on eight 3-pointers all in one game.


6’4 2021 AJ Smith (Hickory Grove)

We got a chance to watch AJ Smith this past summer playing for Team Charlotte. We were impressed then, and even more impressed now. We’re talking about a strong young prospect that has a unique blend of athleticism, skill, high IQ. and an excellent feel for the game. To put it bluntly, AJ Smith is advanced beyond his years. We were impressed with his poise, leadership and overall toughness. Smith can score from all three levels and look for his stock to continue to rise.