Here’s a recap of the Phenom High School Jamboree Session 1 and session 2.
By: Kelvin Mills 
First, let’s talk about some under-the-radar players that impressed me and had a good showing in Session 1. First, Grace Christian’s 6’10 Jaylon Gibson. Versatile player who can play the 1 2 or 3 and sees the floor very well. Has very tight handle and an outstanding basketball IQ. He made everyone on the floor better with him every play.
Next, 6’10 Javerzia Belton. Belton plays like a man-child and is built like a division 1 Tight-End. He was incredibly fluid and ran the floor well all day. Great awareness in the paint and has soft hands. Perhaps most importantly, he is a talented rim protector evidenced by his 5 blocks each game.
Shakeel Moore. Strong basketball IQ, passing ability and shooting touch. I was equally impressed by his chest-to-chest defense and noted him as one of the smartest defenders I saw all day. His foot speed, leg strength, and lateral quickness are unmatched.
CBA’s Dondre Watson. Athletic and long defender at 6’4 with an almost 7 ft wingspan. He’s impressive to look at but even more impressive to watch play. He elevates quickly, has a lightning-quick first step, and his second and third leaps come so quickly, you don’t realize his feet touched the ground.
CBA’s Gavin Singleton. A high-flyer who takes flight frequently and often. On one dunk, he had his elbows above the rim. A hybrid wing with good ball skills, great hands and quick feet. He’s a nightmare to defend in transition and in the half-court.
So that brings me to the two teams that I would like to talk about from Jamboree Session 1 and 2. First, was Piedmont Classical.  They possess a plethora of talented natural athletes who came together like an 8 piece Orchestra and make beautiful music on the court.  They also play tenacious defense and are able to score in transition at will.  If this is a team you overlooked, believe me, you don’t want them on your schedule early and you certainly don’t want them on your schedule late because they will give you a reality check.
The next team I’d like to talk about is from Session 2, the Thomasville Bulldogs.  When you first see this team you may think not much but after looking closely you see a bunch of young talented athletes with eight players still on the football field.  Four of them being possible starters by the end of the day. In Session 2,  these young 9th graders were coming together and actually outscoring teams with Varsity leadership.  Moving forward, Thomasville is one to watch. With a new young vibrant coach, a new attitude, and a healthy winning culture you don’t want to see them in February.