Phenom Hoops was in the state of North Carolina again to check out the talent, as we looked at Southern Durham and Granville Central.  Two teams that battled it out and have some new names to learn, it was a great eye-opening game for us.

As far as the game, Southern came out strong to take an early lead but Granville Central was able to end the first quarter well to take a 15-13 lead.  But Southern started to get it going, as they outscored Granville 29-15 behind the play of freshman Jackson Keith.  They eventually led 42-30 at halftime.  Southern wouldn’t let up there though after halftime, as they continued to use a balanced attack and score the ball effectively as well as get to the line in the second half.  It allowed Southern to increase their lead to 61-40 by the end of the third quarter and eventually cruise to an 86-59 victory at home.

Final: Southern Durham 86 – Granville Central 59

SD: Jackson Keith 31 points/ Anthony Mebane 10pts/ Cam Daniels 9pts/ Isajah Derburgo 8pts
GC: Trent Harrington 15 points/ Jordan Alston 11pts/ Ky’Saun Russell 8pts/ Ryder Hunt 6pts

Standouts/ Thoughts:

  • Who else would it be other than the freshman, as 2025 6’4 Jackson Keith was off the charts with 31 points and eight rebounds in the win? He has shown a well-rounded game but in this one, he really made his mark around the basket, battling in the post, showing touch and great activity in the post, and scored effectively.  Keith has good size and uses it well, but stretches the floor also with his shot-making ability. Terrific showing from the freshman in this one.
  • Also liked what I saw from 2022 Xavier Sorensen, as the guard really impacted the game in an array of ways.  He excelled out in transition and running the floor, made good decisions, found his teammates well, and really battled on the boards. Finished with 6pts but also 11 rebounds and 10 assists.
  • Granville Central usually is led by their senior but they also have some intriguing sophomores as well that have played well and that is who led the charge in this one. 2024 Trent Harrington finished with 15pts and scored from multiple levels, while 2024 Jordan Alston was also effective as well.  Though 2022 Ky’Saun Russell had an off night, I still liked the pace he played with, initiating the offense, and attacking off the dribble, and also making plays for his teammates.