Phenom Hoops hit the road to get a double-header between Independence and Porter Ridge, on both the girl’s and boys side Tuesday night.

Starting off on the girl’s side, we got a show from multiple players.  Independence came out strong on senior night, as they wanted to come out and make a statement and that they did, going up double-digits early.  It was the scoring of 2021 NC State commit Jessica Timmons, who showed it early and often in the first half, scoring 33 of her team’s 49 first-half points. 

Porter Ridge started to get more offense going in the second half led by two young prospects, certainly ones to watch, in Olivia Burke and Jyana Salton but the combination of Timmons and 2021 Braylyn Milton was too much, as those two put on a show at home in their 77-28 victory.

Jessica Timmons 46 points
Braylyn Milton 13 points
Kaylee Carson 12 points

Porter Ridge:
Olivia Burke 16 points
Jyana Salton 9 points


2021 Jessica Timmons (Independence): Certainly, one of the best scorers in North Carolina history on the girls’ side, Timmons showed that and more in this matchup.  She is something special, finishing with 46 points, scoring early and often.  Whether it was running out and finishing in transition, creating for herself, or getting to her spots for her jumper, she was certainly feeling it on senior night.  She was deadly from all over the court, showing her confident shot and range, as well as her ability to create and get by her opponents.

2021 Braylyn Milton (Independence): Another senior, she stepped up and started finding her offense in the second half, using her intriguing size, versatility, and skillset to score inside and out.  Milton has been a staple at Indy during her career and she finished strong, as it will be exciting to see her operate at the next level at Cincinnati.

2024 Olivia Burke (Porter Ridge): A new name that certainly caught our eyes with her play, Burke simply doesn’t play like a freshman.  She is incredibly active and aggressive, attacking defenders and looking to get into the paint and around the basket.  On multiple occasions, she created off the dribble and was able to score or get to the line.  A young lady to put on your watch list in North Carolina.

2023 Jyana Salton (Porter Ridge): Another young prospect to build with, Salton showed a nice understanding of leading the offense and creating for herself.  She does a tremendous job in getting defenders on her hip and creating some space with her hesitation and shows the early confidence of being a scoring threat on the floor.