Oak Hill: 35-61-82-103
SWVA CC: 16-42-70-85

The basketball season is right around the corner and I couldn't wait to get a chance to check out Oak Hill early on to see what they had to offer.  They took on SWVA CC in an exhibition game, as Oak Hill took the 103-85 victory.  We wanted to break down the roster of what we saw early on with this team from the game.

Starters: 2024 Chris Anderson, 2025 Deondrea Lindsey, 2025 Kaden Magwood, 2025 Francis Chukwudebelu, 2024 Micah Robinson

2024 Chris Anderson (Michigan commit) and 2025 Kaden Magwood led the way as the starters, with Anderson running the point early but also having Magwood carry the way.  Anderson continues to shine as a scoring option, knocking down shots with range but also finishing over defenders as he went for 16 points.  Magwood is a lengthy guard at 6'3 that started out early knocking down shots from behind the arc but also creating, getting paint touches, and creating really well.  Both are able to really work well together on the floor.

2024 Micah Robinson continues to be one of my favorite players, as the TCU commit continues to shine as a versatile piece on the floor and can be used in so many ways. He uses his 6'7 frame to defend multiple positions, has the ability to operate from multiple positions, and can be that stat stuffer for this team.  He is going to be an extremely valuable piece this year once again.

When it comes to size, 2025 Deondrea Lindsey grabbed my attention as the 6'9 forward is able to space the floor with a few threes but also brings that size to help in the paint and on the boards.' He will be able to really help open up the offense with his ability to operate from multiple levels.' And 2025 Francis Chukwudebelu brings tremendous size at 6'10 and should help be a strong presence in the paint for this team.

Now, when it comes to players coming off the bench, 2024 6'11 Jamie Vinson IV showed flashes of what he can provide on the court. With his size, he was tremendous in his ability to not only be a presence in the paint offensively but also was a tremendous rim protector defensively. 

2025 Saxon McWilliams came off the bench as a backup point guard and did a solid job in creating, seeing and reading the floor, and getting others involved on the court.  2025 6'6 Hamza Zahran and 2024 Alex Doerger were able to knock down shots in catch-and-shoot situations, while 2025 Martez Harris and 2026 Elton James both were valuable options as wing options with size.