Phenom Hoops went out to Salisbury Wednesday afternoon to check in on a college showdown between Lincoln Memorial, who came in undefeated, and Catawba.  Even in a limited setting, these two teams brought a lot of energy early on.  Both teams were mostly trading baskets for the first 10 minutes of the game, with LMU holding a narrow lead early on.  But then the three-ball started to really take into effect, behind Alex Dahling and others finding success from the perimeter (7-for-15 from three in the first half).  Eventually, it went from a five-point lead to a 50-24 lead at halftime.

Catawba was going to have a big task ahead of them to get back in this game and they did make a small run to cut the lead down to around 16 points later in the second half.  But the story of the game was the 3-point difference, as LMU went 11-for-18 and simply continued to find success in scoring the ball.  LMU pushed their lead back up and ran away with an impressive win on the road. 

Lincoln Memorial finished the game shooting 65.5 percent from the floor and went 18-for-33 from behind the arc.  They had six players that finished in double figures as well.  For Catawba, they shot 44.8 percent from the floor but couldn’t find the same success from the arc (3-for-19 from three). 

Final: Lincoln Memorial 109 – Catawba 76

Lincoln Memorial:
Devin Whitfield 21 points, 2 assists
Jordan Guest 18 points, 2 assists
Jeremiah Keene 13 points, 3 rebounds, 5 assists
Shaquille Rombley 9 points, 12 rebounds

Lloyd Hemming 20 points, 5 rebounds
Ben Bowen 16 points, 4 rebounds
Larry McLeod 12 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists
Terrence Whitfield 10 points, 3 steals


Devin Whitfield: The redshirt senior played really well, giving his team a mixture of scoring from outside (4-for-7 from three) and staying aggressive and putting pressure on the defense.  Whitfield found success from the corner vs. Catawba, knocking down multiple shots from outside but was also able to use his length to finish over defenders.  Only playing 27 minutes, he was extremely effective.

Shaquille Rombley (LMU): Rombley was a quiet beast down low for his team.  He moved very well offensively around the rim, finding openings in the defense and being ready for drop off passes and quick finishes.  Rombley showed a nice touch around the rim, along with energy and motor.  He also just seemed to get his hands on the ball off misses, really getting at it on the boards.  He finished just one-point shy of a double-double with 9 points and 12 rebounds.

Alex Dahling (LMU): Dahling may have only scored 11 points in the win but we can remember a series of plays that really pushed LMU’s lead to 20+ points late in the first half.  He has a quick release from outside, knocking down multiple three’s late to give his team a big lead after the first half. 

Lloyd Hemming (Catawba): Hemming was aggressive in his ability to attack and create off the dribble.  He showed his ability to penetrate and take contact, while also finishing some tough shots over defenders.  Hemming looked to be the most consistent threat offensively for Catawba, doing much of his damage attacking the lane and finishing inside the arc.

Ben Bowen (Catawba): The big man had an impressive game, finishing 7-for-9 from the floor in 23 minutes.  Scoring 16 points, Bowne showed a nice array of ability and footwork, operating well, showing patience around the rim, and showing a nice feel to get around defenders.  A couple of times finishing through contact but also showing that he can step out and knock down a shot or two from outside.  Good showing for the sophomore.