Phenom Hoops was in for a treat on Wednesday night, as Rick Lewis, Tyler Lewis, and Patrick O’Brien traveled down to South Carolina for a big-time matchup.  Legacy Early College, one of the most talented teams around the region, took on powerhouse Dorman at their place; a highly-anticipated matchup that many were wanting to see.

LEC took charge of the game early, led by Bryce McGowens’ perimeter shooting, helping them lead to a 19-12 first-quarter lead. LEC continued to make it tough for Dorman to find a consistent rhythm offensively, keeping them more in a half-court offense and not getting out in transition.  It helped them create a 30-21 halftime lead.

Into the second half, much of it was the same, with LEC eventually creating a double-digit cushion but Dorman would never go away.  In the fourth, Dorman was able to cut the lead down six-point game with just under three to go but that is as close as they would get.

Final: Legacy Early College 55 – Dorman 49

Bryce McGowens 21 points, 2 assists, 1 rebound
Jacobi Wright: 12 points, 4 assists, 3 rebounds
Kameron Little: 8 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists
Perry Smith: 7 points

Jalen Breazeale: 20 points, 3 assists
Noah Clowney: 8 points, 8 rebounds, 2 blocks
Jordyn Surratt: 6 points
Earl Burgess: 6 points

2021 Bryce McGowens: The young man was terrific on the offensive end, starting the game knocking down tough perimeter shots from multiple levels and then using his length to attack to finish at the rim. He showcased it all in his ability to create space and get his shot off, be another ball-handler on the floor, and be aggressive in attacking.

2021 Jacobi Wright: Wright just has a unique feel to the game; he plays under control and poised but also has shifty handles to get around defenders, create for himself or for others, and to pull up on a dime.  Wright just has a natural feel for leading a team and finding a way to get everyone involved, while scoring as well.

2021 Jalen Breazeale: Tough, scrappy, leader; all words that can describe Breazeale on the floor. He did a good job in mixing up his shots, showing that he can penetrate the lane and find ways to get the ball on the rim or step out for his jumper.  He gets it done on both ends of the floor and works well out in transition.

2022 Noah Clowney: The big man plays hard on both ends. What you have to like about his game is that he has such a nice blend of touch and power around the basket, while also being a very mobile big that runs the floor.  Add that on top of his energy and ability to get on the boards, Clowney is going to be one to watch.