Phenom Hoops tuned into the action on Monday night, as Dodge City CC and Kansas Wesleyan JV tipped off.  Why tune in for this game? Well, there are plenty of Phenom Hoops alums that were in action including one of the hottest players in the country.

Players like Nick Pringle, BJ Freeman, Kahari Rogers, Jordan Love, Jonathan Breeland, Jacquez Shuler, and Themus Fulks all have been on the Phenom Hoops platform and now are playing at Dodge City CC this season.  Dodge City quickly came out and showcased their offensive capabilities, getting out in transition, scoring inside and out, and making several runs to open up the game early in the first half, ultimately leading 58-27 at halftime.

The second half was much of the same as the first, as Dodge City CC was able to dominate much of the game and get a few other players some playing time. They were able to maintain their large lead, get all 11 players in the scoring book, and eventually lead by 50+ points towards the end. Dodge City CC started their season off in style, winning 118-64.

Top Scorers for Dodge City CC:

Jonathan Breeland 6
Oumar Koureissi 9
Kalen Williams 20
Themus Fulks 16
Jordan Love 5
BJ Freeman 13
Kahari Rogers 3
Kerwin Prince 10
Mykell Robinson 21
Nick Pringle 8
Jacquez Shuler 7

Player Notes:

Kalen Williams: Williams was strong offensively, really creating well off the dribble, weaving through the defense, and being a natural playmaker.  He plays well on and off the ball, getting his teammates involved but also creating opportunities for himself.  He knocked down some tough shots as well as get to the basket consistently all night long.

Mykell Robinson: Really showcased his perimeter shot-making ability, getting to his spots and knocking down multiple threes.  Smooth, confident perimeter game in this game.  He ultimately led all scorers and did much of his damage from the perimeter.

Themus Fulks: Fulks plays with tremendous speed on both ends of the court.  He gets after it on defense, moving his feet and getting into the opponent to create havoc.  But also uses that speed to attack offensively, getting out in transition and create opportunities for teammates.  Countless times, he was able to penetrate the defense.

Nick Pringle: Once getting into the flow of the game, it was easy to see why so many schools are coming after Pringle.  There is just so much to like with his explosiveness, athleticism, his mobility, and his skill set, with all this coming as a 6’9 prospect.  He finished strong at the rim, blocked shots, and was on the glass as well.  Though the stats might not blow you away, if you watch his skillset, it is easy to see why college coaches are looking hard his way and his potential

BJ Freeman: Really liked what I saw out of Freeman on the floor.  I think he could be a very good piece for this program this season with how he can play and operate at his size, his ability to run the floor and get out in transition, and also either get to the basket or step out with his shot.  Also liked his decision-making in this game, finding open teammates for good looks.

Oumar Koureissi: The 6’10 stretch forward really intrigued me with his size and just how fluid he moves on the floor. He can defend multiple positions, has good footwork, ran the floor extremely well, and good handles for a big man, and had great activity offensively and on the boards.