After every event at Phenom Hoop Report, it is always fun to listen to what our scouts have to say when comparing players and their skillset.  Of course, we have scouts watching different teams, which only means they have different opinions.

That is why we want to hear the thoughts of our scouts on different topics.

Player that can go for 30 at the Phenom G3 Showcase:

Jeff Bendel: 6’0 ’22 Neeko Taylor (Raising Young Men)

We could’ve gone plenty of different directions for this category, but Taylor posed a pretty undeniable argument for his claim as the best scorer from our G3 Showcase. He was also firmly in the discussion as the top shooter on display. Taylor has an incredibly smooth game and is capable of spotting-up or generating shots for himself off the dribble—both with relative ease. He handles the ball with care and only requires a glimmer of daylight to get off a clean shot from the perimeter. Taylor is very equipped to serve as a primary playmaker but truly stood out with his unbelievable efficiency as a scorer.

Miles Masercola: 6’6 2021 Treyvon Byrd (NC Ice)

Byrd is a monster, he’s one of the most exciting prospects on the court every time we see him and has an increasing level of consistency with his decision making and general motor. His ability to score it on kids that are 1-2 years older than him cannot go unnoticed, especially that he’s now making the jumper at an increasingly consistent level. He’s a superstar in the making and deserves all of the attention he’s getting right now. Others Considered: 6’0 2022 Neeko Taylor (Raising Young Men), 6’6 2022 Trey Ramsey (Foothills Legacy), 6’4 2020 Noah Dunn (Greensboro Warriors)

Jamie Shaw: 6’1″ 2021 Javonte Waverly/ Royal Knights (NC) 17s

Sure he is playing up, but there is something about his game, his confidence, his swagger that allows him to be the focal point on the floor no matter the age difference. Waverly is a quick and sharp player who is always in the right place at the right time. He is able to drop 15 assists and score 30 points in the same game, as he takes what is given to him and is incredibly efficient with it. He is drastically under rated right now, but that should change soon as he will get a drastic bump in the next rankings. Don’t blink because he’ll have 30 I no time.