After every event at Phenom Hoop Report, it is always fun to listen to what our scouts have to say when comparing players and their skillset.  Of course, we have scouts watching different teams, which only means they have different opinions.

That is why we want to hear the thoughts of our scouts on different topics.

Most Unselfish Player from the Phenom G3 Showcase

Jeff Bendel: 6’1 ’20 Andrew Shull (Renegades)

In terms of true floor generals, few guys are able to embrace the mentality quite like Shull, who gets the nod for the most unselfish player. Like the aforementioned Carr, Shull truly understands how to evenly distribute the ball to his teammates and does so with great frequency. He looks to set the floor for others at every possible opportunity, but is also smart enough to take advantage of easy scoring opportunities. Shull is always scanning for teammates and looking to make the right play, which is ultimately what allows him to effortlessly pile up assists. His unselfishness goes beyond passing, as he’s always willing and ready to do whatever possible to provide his team with an edge.

Miles Masercola: 6’0 2020 Jajuan Carr (WBC Elite 17U)

I don’t know if it’s possible to talk about Carr too much because time and time again he delivers, making his teammates better while racking up impressive individual numbers. He’s a true do it all PG that can take 30-35 shots a game if he wants but still maintains a level of unselfishness and willingness to get his guys involved. The kind of PG you just want to play with and that means something. Others considered: 6’0 2020 Landon Sutton (Carolina Wolves), 6’4 2020 Ahmil Flowers (Greensboro Warriors)

Jamie Shaw: 6’1″ 2021 Callahan Reed/ Carolina Riptide (NC) 16s

Reed is just a heady, gritty, high IQ player who gets the job done no matter what. He is highly skilled and ridiculously competitive, able to pass, shoot and handle the ball with anyone guarding him. While he is his team’s leading scorer, his passing is what really pops when you put in the tape. Reed is great at creating angles and delivering on target and on time passes. He is one college coaches should start with now and it will be interesting to see how high he climbs the college chart. He can play