After every event at Phenom Hoop Report, it is always fun to listen to what our scouts have to say when comparing players and their skillset.  Of course, we have scouts watching different teams, which only means they have different opinions.

That is why we want to hear the thoughts of our scouts on different topics.

Lockdown Defender at Phenom G3 Showcase:

Jeff Bendel: 6’3 ’21 Jamarien Dalton (Team FLY)

While there were many impactful defenders in attendance at our G3 Showcase, but Dalton was arguably the best of them all. Not only did he stand out as a phenomenal individual defender, but his productivity and ability to switch across multiple positions was unparalleled. Dalton contained his assignment noticeably well throughout the weekend and was able to force a nonstop flow of turnovers from the opposition. He pursued loose balls, worked with an impressive motor, and accumulated an abundance of blocks and steals over the weekend. As we stated in our most recent Bendel’s Best, college coaches need to start looking into Dalton sooner than later.

Miles Masercola: 6’8 2020 Zach Shumate (Carolina Wolves)

Shumate has taken a considerable step in his development and his improved footwork/3 point touch will garner the majority of the attention as it should but my goodness can this kid lock down the low post. He’s the hardest worker in the court, making life difficult for opposing posts and getting under their skin in the process. His ability to rebound is what made me give in him the nod in this category. He’s made himself a bonafide High-Level D2/LM D1 kid. Others Considered: 6’5 2022 Damien Robinson (Flight 22 Fayetteville) 6’2 2021 Javonte Waverly (Royal Knights)

Jamie Shaw: 6’4″ 2020 MJ Wilkerson/ NC Empire (NC) 17s

He has always been able to defend, his length and athleticism are just off the charts. However, it is even more apparent when he is scoring the ball, like he was in the Phenom G3 Showcase. Wilkerson, a highly explosive lefty, is able to defend the ball and get in the passing lanes. He plays with great anticipation and he is an excellent rebounder and weak side shot blocker for a wing. He has a full throttle approach and that really, makes him stick out more. When he is going for 20 per game, as he did here, there should be a lot of scholarship offers waiting for him at the end of the day.