After every event at Phenom Hoop Report, it is always fun to listen to what our scouts have to say when comparing players and their skillset.  Of course, we have scouts watching different teams, which only means they have different opinions.

That is why we want to hear the thoughts of our scouts on different topics.

Highest IQ from the Phenom G3 Showcase:

Jeff Bendel: 6’0 ’20 Jajuan Carr (WBC Elite)

Another event, another chance for Carr to secure another superlative and, honestly, he could’ve been nominated for at least four of these choices. However, it felt right putting him in the “highest IQ” category, given his unwavering consistency and intelligent approach on both ends of the floor. He makes the right play more than almost any prospect in the state, regardless of position or class, and that’s a big part of what separates him from other floor generals. Carr touches the paint as much as anyone but understands how to properly utilize his penetration ability to open up the floor for others. He never has a miscue or lapse in judgment and simply exudes intelligent with every decision he makes.

Miles Masercola: 6’0 2022 Neeko Taylor (Raising Young Men 15U)

There’s some legitimacy in the statement that Neeko Taylor was the best prospect in the Phenom G3 Showcase this past weekend. He’s a do it all PG that has a keen understanding of the game at a really young age and has a chance to be the next in line at ENC powerhouse Farmville Central. His ability to create offense for himself and others while having the ability to score it from everywhere makes Taylor an exciting can’t miss prospect. Others Considered 6’0 2020 Jajuan Carr (WBC Elite), 6’4 2020 Jesse Walters (CEBA Massey)

Jamie Shaw: 6’1 2020 Jajuan Carr/ WBC Elite (NC)

I am sure we are beating a dead drum with this one, however, he quite simply is good enough to get all of this recognition. Carr has an exceptional feel for the game, with an unbelievable pace (he’s never rushed) and top-notch decision making. He makes shots, he touches the paint at will and he is able to defend. However, as we have said many times, it is his decision making a passing that may be his best attribute. Everyone on his team is better when he is on the floor.