2022 6’9 Jai Smith has been a workhorse these past two weeks at the Phenom Hoops events. Recording double-doubles, having multiple 20+ scoring games, and really showing his talent as a player on the court. And coaches have been noticing.

Patrick O’Brien from Phenom Hoops had this to say about Smith after watching him on the court, as he finished with 26 points in the win.

“Smith continues to produce and its hard to leave him off this list each time.  He was dominant in the paint, finishing at the rim, running from end to end, and seemingly everywhere on the court.”

You can continue to find much of the same things mentioned about Smith here: CLICK HERE

Right now, Smith’s recruitment has gone well with multiple offers on the table but could this summer be a coming out party for this young man? He breaks down the latest about it all

PHR: You have had a tremendous, few weeks on the court, capturing the eyes of many.  But in your eyes, how has it been going for you and what have you been able to show with your game?

Smith: It’s been going great playing with a great organization like that, putting me in the right position to showcase key pieces of my game but there is still an immense amount of my skills not shown, only glimpses so far.  But it’s really about playing and having fun and that is what I’ve been doing?

PHR: What have you been able to show with your game so far do you think?

Smith: My playmaking, shooting, athleticism rebounding, perimeter and interior defense.

PHR: As far as your recruitment, what offers do you hold currently?

Smith: Rutgers, Siena, UMass, Eastern Kentucky, San Diego, Hofstra, Saint Louis, Oregon State, and Arizona.

PHR: What have they said they like about your game and who has been the strongest with you?

Smith: My rebounding ability they say is legendary, also same with my athleticism.  Rutgers, UMass, and Hofstra have been extremely on me.

PHR: With the offers on the table, do any schools stand out?

Smith: They all do and have been communicating often.

PHR: Arizona was a big offer.  When did they offer and what have they been saying to you?

Smith: In ninth grade and they haven’t really been in contact that much lately.

PHR: Who has been in contact the most with you that has offered?

Smith: UMass, Hofstra, and Rutgers

PHR: Have you been able to check out any of those schools?

Smith: Yes, I have visited those schools and they really want me.

PHR: What do you like about each of those programs?

Smith: Rutgers really offers the hype with that stadium of theirs.  Also, they really look out for their alumni.  UMass is really good with player development and also reaches out a lot and helps each player individually with what they need.  Hofstra reaches out a lot, develops their players, and they have that team is family going on there.

PHR: Which schools have been expressing interest your way that has yet to offer?

Smith: There is a lot more coming in.  I have interests from West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Ole Miss, East Carolina, Temple, Georgia Tech, Charlotte, Seton Hall, and Syracuse.