If you are a team, player, family member, or fan that will be coming to any upcoming events in Rock Hill, South Carolina at the Rock Hill Sports and Event Center, you can purchase your parking tickets ahead of the event.

You will be able to reserve your spot with the Park Mobile.

Our first event will be March 12-14, and you can find each day to purchase a parking ticket with the links below. They have also provided links through all Phenom events through April 2021 so far.

Venue Link that reflects all upcoming events https://app.parkmobile.io/venue/rock-hill-sports-event-center/events

Phenom on March 12th https://app.parkmobile.io/venue/rock-hill-sports-event-center/events/104267

Phenom on March 13th https://app.parkmobile.io/venue/rock-hill-sports-event-center/events/104268

Phenom on March 14th https://app.parkmobile.io/venue/rock-hill-sports-event-center/events/104269