Each and every time Phenom Hoops gets to report or sees a commitment from a player we have seen over the years, it is always a fantastic day.  It is great to see players achieve their goal to play at the next level and it is such a great accomplishment for that player.

Here is the latest commitment.

Player: Will Moore
Class: 2024
Committed to: Marshall

What He Said:

Phenom: What made Marshall the place for you in the end'
Moore: I prayed for clarity and God made it more than clear that Marshall was the place for me. The community and 'home' feeling were unreal and even just the social media support I've gotten has really influenced my decision. The coaching staff is amazing, and their play style is a dream for someone like me.

Phenom: What does the staff have in mind for you and your game, and how you can impact the program'
Moore: They have told me that they play mostly positionless basketball which is awesome. I think working on bringing the ball up the court will make me more comfortable as a player in handling pressure. They told me they don't promise anything, which I love but I know they lost two starters and I also know that Coach Dantoni isn't afraid to play freshmen. I also know that I am going to work so hard to earn my spot on that team, while also playing through their system and creating a winning team!

Phenom: What kind of relationship have you been able to create with the staff there'
Moore: Coach Williams was one of the best recruiters. It really didn't feel like I was being recruited to a school, it just felt more like a good relationship. He NEVER pressured me and NEVER talked down on other programs and that reflected his confidence in his own program. The rest of the staff, including Coach Dantoni, just made me feel so at home and showed me so much support during my AAU season and even checked in with me during my injury when I missed a whole season. The community and their support made me really fall in love with the school and just the buzz on campus when an event is going on related to a HM atmosphere along with HM facilities and 24-hour access.

Game Description:

'I would say I have developed a mindset on the court that sets me apart from my opponents.  I feel like I am someone you can't leave open, but you can't close out too quickly on.  I've learned to develop my game by playing up all my life.  I used to be short playing against tall kids, so I had to learn how to have a quick handle and finish at the rim.  Now that I've developed physically, I'm getting a chance to combine what I've grown up doing with what being 6'5 comes with.  It is really fun playing above the rim too.  Recently, my coach has expressed the important of the 'one more' pass.  I have been working on finding the open guy in transition.' ' Will Moore in 2022