Our Phenom Hoop Report head scouts have been debating about several topics and players from the Phenom Challenge LIVE.  Don’t worry, it has all been fun and games but everyone loves to hear the thoughts of others on who is the best-of-the-best from the event.  So, we broke it down into several topics.

Check out the thoughts of each scout on who they think is the best in each category.

Best Shot Blocker from the #PhenomChallengeLIVE

Jeff Bendel: 6’10 ’20 Kuluel Mading (New Light Disciples)

There were a lot of different prospects in contention for the best shot-blocker, but Mading gets the nod, as he displayed impeccable timing and paint-anchoring ability despite his lack of overwhelming strength. Mading moves extremely well and has the necessary length to surprise opponents with how much ground he is capable of covering.

Miles Masercola: 6’10 2020 Khayre Cayne: Juice All Stars Stephenson

Cayne wasn’t only the best shot blocker in the entire event, he might be the best shot blocker in the entire state of North Carolina, his ability to protect the rim and finish possessions with his rebounding was integral to the Juice All-Stars success this weekend.  He showed that he’s one of the most important pieces on what in all likelihood is the best independent program in the state of North Carolina.  His ability to finish at the rim while also showing the capability of knocking down catch and shoot perimeter jumpers out to the three-point line make Cayne that much more tantalizing as a prospect.  Others Considered: 6’10 2020 Kuluel Mading (NL Disciples), 6’7 2021 Treyvon Byrd (NC Ice), 6’8 2021 Keeyan Itejere (UC27 Dream Chasers)

Jamie Shaw: 6’10/2020 Kharye Cayne/ Juice All Stars

Like with Carr being the best passer all of the Carolinas, Cayne is easily the best shot blocker, and we had him at Phenom’s Challenge Live. Cayne has the length, the timing, the quick twitch, and the anticipation to affect every shot around the basket. While his frame is still filling out, he is a game changer as a true rim protector. Cayne averaged over 5 blocks per game, while effecting countless others, it is impressive. (Hat Tip to 6’10/2020 Kuluel Mading (New Light Disciples))