Our Phenom Hoop Report head scouts have been debating about several topics and players from the Phenom Challenge LIVE.  Don’t worry, it has all been fun and games but everyone loves to hear the thoughts of others on who is the best-of-the-best from the event.  So, we broke it down into several topics.

Check out the thoughts of each scout on who they think is the best in each category.

Best Scorer/Three-Level Scorer from #PhenomChallengeLIVE

Jeff Bendel: 6’5 ’19 Trey Cousin (Midstate Magic)

There’s simply no denying the obvious three-level scoring ability of Cousin, who has simply continued to get better at his craft over the last few years. He’s always been a natural scorer, but he just seems to get tougher and craftier with additional playing experience. Cousin shoots the ball extremely well from beyond the arc, but isn’t afraid to mix it up with penetration or pull-ups and welcomes contact when attacking the basket.

Miles Masercola: 6’1 2021 Javonte Waverly: Royal Knights

Waverly is a name that’s steadily rising to relevance in the HoopState, he was one of the key pieces on a Henderson Collegiate team that made a state championship appearance (Runner-Up NCHSAA 1A to Bishop McGuinness) showing his ability to create offense and defend the point of attack with the best around.  His ability to score the ball from any and everywhere on the court caught my eye in the 8AM game on Sunday.  He played the first game of the day like it was the last of his life and that showed me a ton of promise for the young guard moving forward.  He can really create for himself off the bounce, is a dynamic catch and shoot threat, and has ice in his veins, capable of going nuts at any point in time.  I only got the chance to see him play once, I wish I could watch every second, going to be a fun one to track in the coming years.

Others Considered: 6’1 2020 Jajuan Carr (WBC Elite), 6’7 2021 Treyvon Byrd (NC Ice), 6’7 2021 Noah Allred (NC Spartans East), 6’5 2020 Ahmil Flowers (Greensboro Warriors)

Jamie Shaw: 6’4/Unsigned Senor Noah Dunn – Greensboro Warriors Unsigned Seniors

Dunn was an absolute terror all weekend, getting any bucket he wanted, against all comers. Dunn is a dead-eye shooter but was able to get to his spots in the mid-range as well. He finished well in transition and kept the defense scrambling all event long. Dunn was as offensively gifted a player as we saw, he could shoot, attack and facilitate, he even showcased the ability to initiate the offense. Scholarship schools should be clamoring to get their hands on this one!! (Hat Tip to 6’5/2020 Ahmil Flowers (Greensboro Warriors) and 6’7/2020 Saiquone Harris (Juice All-Stars))