Our Phenom Hoop Report head scouts have been debating about several topics and players from the Phenom Challenge LIVE.  Don’t worry, it has all been fun and games but everyone loves to hear the thoughts of others on who is the best-of-the-best from the event.  So, we broke it down into several topics.

Check out the thoughts of each scout on who they think is the best in each category.

Best Rebounder from the #PhenomChallengeLIVE

Jeff Bendel: 6’5 ’20 Travon Jackson (Fayetteville Flash)

Though undersized, it would be extremely difficult to point out many players outside of Jackson (and Tyler Young) who truly excelled as a rebounder at Phenom Challenge. He plays with an unmistakable motor and plays with energy and aggression on both ends of the floor. Jackson has a strong, athletic body and utilizes it well to secure loose balls inside and outside of his area.

Miles Masercola: 6’8 2020 Tyler Young: New Light Disciples

Frankly I’d be pretty surprised if this vote wasn’t unanimous, Young earned a scholarship this weekend due to his ability to rebound.  His soft hands, smooth footwork, and ability to set good screens doesn’t hurt, but don’t overthink this one, Young is a top tier level rebounder in the state of North Carolina and should be recruited as such.  His ability to have a MASSIVE impact on the game due to the work he puts in on the glass cannot go understated, look for him to become even more dominant than he is now as he continues to develop both physically and athletically over the summer.  A no-nonsense beast on the boards.  Others Considered: 6’5 2020 Keishon Porter (Team Trezz), 6’7 2019 Revv Tholel (Team Loaded 704), 6’10 2022 Patrick Wessler (CC Elite 2021-22)

Jamie Shaw: 6’8/2020 Tyler Young/ New Light Disciples

Again, this one was an easy one as Young is a ferocious rebounder with strength, length and a high motor to boot. He finished multiple games with over 15 boards and was a walking double/double each time out. He does all of his work up front and has the hips and quick feet to gather in traffic rebounds. He has huge, ridiculously strong, hands. As for one of the most translatable skills, from level to level, Young was easily the event’s best rebounder