Our Phenom Hoop Report head scouts have been debating about several topics and players from the Phenom Challenge LIVE.  Don’t worry, it has all been fun and games but everyone loves to hear the thoughts of others on who is the best-of-the-best from the event.  So, we broke it down into several topics.

Check out the thoughts of each scout on who they think is the best in each category.

BEST PASSER from #PhenomChallengeLIVE

Jeff Bendel: 6’1 ’20 Jajuan Carr (WBC Elite)

This category was somewhat difficult to decide between Carr and Reggie Walton (Team Trezz). Ultimately, I went with Carr, as his perimeter jumper makes him even more challenging for opponents to manage. He simply knows how to touch the paint at will and does an exceptional job of making timely passes to open teammates. Carr also somehow never turns the ball over and maintains a strong assist/turnover ratio.

Miles Masercola: 6’1 2020 Jajuan Carr: WBC Elite

Carr is arguably the most gifted point guard in the entire event due to his ability to surgically eviscerate a defense in a multitude of ways.  His ability to create for others and make them better is arguably his strongest trait, he had multiple instances where he left the court and his team had trouble maintaining anything resembling offensive consistency and continuity.  Carr makes life easy for shooters, wings, and the athletes that surround him.  His willingness to be selfless when he can score 30 a night is another reason why I appreciate what he brings to the table every single time he steps on the court.  He holds an offer from ECU, expect that list to grow sooner rather than later.  (Others Considered: 6’1 2021 Callahan Reed (Carolina Riptide), 6’0 2020 Isaac Sinclair (Team Stacked), 6’0 2019 Chris Rogers (Team Loaded VA 434).

Jamie Shaw: 6’1/2020 Jajuan Carr – WBC Elite

It is no secret here, the best facilitator in the Carolinas was at Phenom’s Challenge LIVE, so this one was an easy one. The explosive lead guard seemingly has eyes in the back of his head, always playing chess two moves ahead. He touches the paint at will and the pass goes to wherever the help is coming from. Pin point, right in the shooter’s pocket, he makes his teammates better. Another weekend of beautiful basketball from Carr. (Hat Tip to 6’/2021 Jamahri Thomas (New Light Disciples))