Our Phenom Hoop Report head scouts have been debating about several topics and players from the Phenom Challenge LIVE.  Don’t worry, it has all been fun and games but everyone loves to hear the thoughts of others on who is the best-of-the-best from the event.  So, we broke it down into several topics.

Check out the thoughts of each scout on who they think is the best in each category.

Best 3-point shooter from the #PhenomChallengeLIVE

Jeff Bendel: 6’3 ’19 Jett Fortuny (WCBA Unsigned Seniors)

Any other answer to this category is simply incorrect. Fortuny was far-and-away the most impressive three-point shooter at Phenom Challenge and notched at least four per contest. His form and overall mechanics are nearly perfect with a consistent, repeatable release point. Fortuny also has deep range and the ability to work within one to two dribbles to create space.

Miles Masercola: 6’1 2020 Jake Ledbetter (NC Spartans East)

Ledbetter is known as one of the best shooters the HoopState has to offer, taking and making crazy shots with anybody, while playing with a high level of swag at all times.  What’s changed about Ledbetter is that his game is significantly more under control as he has been asked to be essentially a full-time point guard for this NC Spartans team.  He shoots the 3 ball with a high level of efficiency, while also showing he can run a team.  He was the most consistent 3 point shooter I watched all weekend and should garner scholarship offers due to his ability to run a team on top of being a threat out to 35 feet.  Others Considered: 6’1 2021 Callahan Reed (Carolina Riptide), 5’10 2020 Jamael Carter (Fayetteville Flash), 6’6 2020 Saiqone Harris (Juice All-Stars Stephenson)

Jamie Shaw: 6’3/Unsigned Senior Jett Fortuny/ WCBA Unsigned Seniors

This event had a ton of good shooters, really good shooters in fact. However, Fortuny was the best of the lot. The high academic shooting guard wakes up shooting 40% from beyond the arc, what really impressed here was his shot prep and ability to attack closeouts. Fortuny kept the defense on their heels with his ability to knock down the 1 and 2 dribble pull-ups. His body is always set and his balance is always spot on. Fortuny can fill it up and D1s should be all over this. (Hat Tip to 6’4/2019 Sean Jenkins (Upward Upstate) and 6’3/2021 Ryan Roberts (NC ICE))