By: DeAjai Dawkins

GG Jackson 2023 6’8 (Upward Stars 3SSB 2023)

6’8 2023 Forward GG Jackson showed why he’s described as a prospect with high-major potential. A long and wiry frame doesn’t stop Jackson from competing at the rim on both ends. He’s capable of collecting blocks and is an absolute pest for opposing players to try and keep off the glass

Patrick Tivnan 6’6 2023 (Team Hope 2023)

Patrick Tivnan provides a useful level of production in almost every facet of the game. The 6’6, 2023 wing competed as his team’s tallest player but involved himself offensively as more of a wing threat than a big. Despite playing on the wing offensively, Tivnan did not shy away from rebounding every shot that he could, pulling in board after board all game. 

Jaydin Spillman-Martin 6’9 2023 (NLPB 2023)

6’9 forward Jaydin Spillman-Martin shows extreme promise at his position. He was the tallest player on the floor as well as one of the most ball-dominant. Spillman-Martin demands attention from the defense as he doesn’t hesitate to pull open threes and also knows how to use his length for easy finishes at the rim. 

6’2 2024 Peter Moye (CC Elite 2024)

Peter Moye was nothing less than an engine for his CC Elite 2024 squad. Moye approaches the game with a mature and productive mindset, relying on spacing and discipline to create positive offense for his team. His dedication to making smart decisions was evident, as he finished the game with 30 points.

Iverson King 6’4 (NLPB 2023)

6’4 Iverson King immediately catches rightful attention when he has the ball in his hands. He utilizes his length extremely well for someone his height and serves as a three-level scorer that is most effective from the free-throw line and in. He scored 20 points in his first game.

6’1 Braylen McCain 2023 (2023 PSB Charlotte Elite)

A 2024 guard playing with PSB Charlotte Elite 2023, McCain led his team all game. He doesn’t attribute his production to flash, rather his aggression and imposing build. He plays with the strength and aggressiveness to barrel through defenders downhill, and even possesses a mid-range pull-up jump shot that he uses effectively in transition.