Game 4 of the day between Gaston Day and Central Cabarrus. The first quarter was a defensive battle. The ending score was 9-12. To begin the second quarter the Vikings came out on fire. They created a 7-point lead over Gaston Day to enter the half, 27-34. 

Gaston Day enters the third quarter slowly chipping away at the lead Central created bringing it within 2 points. Central quickly regained control and led by 8 points midway through the third quarter. The Vikings kept the ball rolling and were led by Jaiden Thompson who nailed three 3s in the final 2 minutes of the third quarter. Finished the quarter up by 16 points, 41-58. Gaston Day fought back during the fourth quarter but Central ended up coming home with the win, 69-79 

Final- Central Cabarrus 79- Gaston Day 69 

Central Cabarrus- Jaiden Thompson 17pts, Chase Daniel 14pts

Gaston Day – Callum Richard 25pts, Evan Montanari 14pts Kurt Hunter 12pts