Taking a glance around the country at the transfer portal, there are so many names that college coaches should have their eyes on.  One player in particular that will be interesting to see where he ends up is now grad transfer J.P. Moorman, a Phenom hoops alum that we had plenty of chances to watch at Greensboro Day and throughout his time at Temple.

Moorman was one of our favorite players to watch during his high school career, especially with his unique versatility on the court at his size.  He continued to bring that unique skill set to Temple, in which he showed a balanced feel for the game and making an impact in an array of ways.

Over the years of watching him at Greensboro Day, you could see he brings a unique game to the court, as you could place him in multiple situations and see him flourish.  Whether you needed him to score, get on the boards, defend bigger opponents, or initiate the offense, Moorman is the glue that holds a team together.

We saw that even five years ago at the Phenom NC Top 80, where our very own Rick Lewis had this to say:

“JP Moorman has made more progress in terms of improvement over the past year than anyone in the state. If he continues his rapid improvement over the next year as the last, watch out! The best words to describe JP are versatility and mobility. Simply put, JP may be the most versatile player in the state regardless of class. He can play multiple positions and has expanded his skill set, athleticism, and overall basketball IQ. In addition, it is his competitiveness that is most impressive. He competes on both ends of the court and has a habit of making a winning player. Without question, this young man is a winner!”

Now, through four years at Temple, Moorman has racked up over 105 games under his belt, is a proven veteran, and should really help a program next season, wherever he may go.  He recently announced that North Carolina A&T, Duquesne, Albany, UC Riverside, UNC-Wilmington, and Nicholls State are the ones he is focusing on.

No matter where he goes though, he certainly should be a big boost to the team with his experience and versatility.