Team 3

Coach: Dre Simmons

#3: 5’4 ’28 Trent Moody (The Academy at Lincoln)

Starting things off, we look at a player that performed exceptionally well despite being the youngest camper in attendance, Trent Moody. He’s a young, tough, skilled guard prospect with excellent shooting ability and a clear desire to compete defensively. Moody plays older than his age and bigger than his size would imply in all facets of the game. Next in his development process is working to continuing to gain experience and playing repetitions, as he has the necessary foundation to become a quality prospect. Coach Dre on Moody: “Trent was the youngest player on my team. As a sixth-grader, this young man has a game well beyond his years. He can really shoot the ball at a high rate and will definitely make opponents pay if they don’t guard him. He also has a nice handle and can beat most kids his age off the bounce. I was super-impressed with how he played against the other competition with no fear. He was out there with high-school kids and never missed a beat. This kid is a gamer and one to watch closely over the next few years.” Moody displayed a ton of tools at camp and will certainly be a prospect to monitor throughout his continued progression. 

#15: 5’9 ’24 Jamare Brown (Socastee)

Next, we look at a player that showcased the ability to operate in a variety of different roles, Jamare Brown. He’s a tough, high-motor guard prospect with a useful defensive presence and the ability to penetrate or get downhill in transition. Brown moves well without the ball and displayed the necessary quickness to breakdown his opponent off the bounce. Next in his development process is working on becoming a better passer, as it would make him a better point guard. Coach Dre on Brown: “Jamare is a very athletic two-way player. He has a great feel the game and intensity to match. From station work to in-game situations, this young man has a clean jumper and shoots with confidence. He also gets after it on defense and is willing to take any defensive assignment. He has a pretty good first step and can finish at the rim with either hand. Jamare can serve as an off-guard and fill the back-up point if needed. He has a lot of potential and a bright future.” Brown displayed a lot of positive flashes at camp and will be a prospect to keep an eye on going forward at Socastee.

#17: 5’9 ’23 King Dorsey (Western Alamance)

Continuing onto a player with a dynamic skillset to pair with his strong defensive presence, King Dorsey. He’s a smart, rugged, well-rounded guard prospect with the ability to create for himself and others while playing bigger than his size as a defender and rebounder. Dorsey can score from all levels, regularly finishes above the rim, and looks to make the right play whenever possible. Next in his development process is working on the timing of his release, as it would allow him to get off shots quicker against closeouts. Coach Dre on Dorsey: “King made the competition look like peasants. This young man has a frame fitting for his game. I was very impressed with his ability to get what he wanted, when he wanted. He is a dawg, gamer, and a highlight waiting to happen. Listed at 5-foot-9, he can get the crowd going with his high-flying acts. For his size, he has crazy bounce. I saw him windmill like light work and put down two-handed reverses. He is a power dunker and crazy off two feet. On defense, he is an absolute menace and guards his man for the length of the court. He also showcased the three-pointer and was more than willing to let it fly when defenders dropped back expecting the drive. King is a very coachable, yes sir/no sir, team guy who can carry the load. I believe he is going to make some noise in the near future.” Dorsey was a definite standout during camp and should be a major contributor for Western Alamance over the next few seasons. 

#50: 5’10 ’25 Jonah Drye (Concord Academy)

Moving onto a player that continues to showcase steady progression in all facets of the game, Jonah Drye. He’s a smart, team-first guard prospect with the necessary adaptability to consistently operate within a variety of different roles. Drye is a consistent shooter, passer, and scrappy defender who displays a clear willingness to make the right play and do the dirty work as needed. Next in his development process is working on his consistency as a shooter off the dribble, as it would make him a more dynamic offensive threat. Coach Dre on Drye: “Jonah just makes game-winning plays. The type of stuff that doesn’t necessarily show up in the stat sheet, but every coach needs. Deflections, loose balls, strips, or straight takeaways. The kid can go. The first thing that jumps out is his terrific shooting prowess. I was very confident in his ability to knock down the three-pointer. At first, I assumed he was a marksman—but not at all. He is a high-IQ, scrappy, do-what-it-takes winner! Every game, he made a play or two when we needed it most to save or secure a possession. I loved what Jonah brought to the table and every team needs a guy like him.” Dyre provided a reliable presence throughout camp and will be a prospect to watch going forward. 

#63: 6’0 ’24 Reginald Owens (Gaston Day)

Next, we look at a player that offered a pretty consistent, well-rounded presence on both ends of the floor, Reginald Owens. He’s a smart, skilled, athletic guard prospect with a strong frame, active motor, and versatile defensive presence. Owens naturally fills in the gaps as needed, and has the necessary tools to do a little bit of everything on the court. Next in his development process is working on the use of his off-hand, as it would make him a better finisher around the basket. Coach Dre on Owens: “Reggie is a legit two-way threat. He can be a reliable off-guard and can defend three positions comfortably—sometimes even four. He is very versatile and seems to take great pride in his defense. At times, he showed his ability in catch-and-shoot situations and displayed great pace and feel for the game. Whenever I saw a favorable matchup, I let him loose and he beat anybody in front of him off the bounce and finished strong at the cup. I also liked his instincts and decision making. He was solid throughout the whole camp.” Owens highlighted a lot of ability at camp and should be able to carve out a nice role for Gaston Day during the upcoming season. 

#79: 6’1 ’23 Mychael Mitchell (Northside Christian)

Moving onto a player that easily stood out among the top all-around performers on display, Mychael Mitchell. He’s a smart, tough, athletic point guard prospect with vision, penetration instincts, and the ability to outwork his assignment on both ends of the floor. Mitchell rebounds well for his size, regularly turns defense into offense, and does a great job of leading by example while consistently doing the little things. Next in his development process is working to become a better three-point shooter, as it would make him a more lethal offensive threat. Coach Dre on Mitchell: “Mr. Mitchell is a playmaker and true magician with the ball in his hands. This young man has an arsenal of moves at his disposal. He literally made defenders look silly at times. Best question is, how do you want it? He is a legitimate problem, and it seems like he has something to prove. When he has the ball in his hands, it makes a coach very confident and comfortable at whatever decision he makes. If the defense collapses, he makes the right read. If they don’t help, then he will probably pull off one of his beautiful finishing packages at the hoop. “Smooth” is a word that comes to mind. His strength is also something that causes problems for opponents, as he’s just able to bully them on the glass and as a penetrator. In my humble opinion, I’m expecting a breakout season for this young man and for his name to be in more conversations. I won’t be late to the party; I’m on board now!” Mitchell enjoyed an impressive showing at camp, securing the Mr. Playmaker award with relative ease, and should have a productive season at Northside Christian. 

#184: 6’4 ’25 Robert Moore (Porter Gaud)

Finishing up, we look at a player that possesses an excellent crossroads between productivity and long-term upside, Robert Moore. He’s a smart, wiry, long-bodied wing/forward prospect with a high motor, well-rounded skillset, and the ability to produce within various different roles. Moore spaces the floor at a high percentage while making his presence felt as a passer, rebounder, and versatile defender. Next in his development process is working to get stronger, as it would make him more physical on either side of the ball. Coach Dre on Moore: “Robert was an absolute pleasure to work with. What this young man has is the complete package. Not only is this young man talented at the game, but he is a class act. He is a high-character guy and that translates to the basketball court as well. Right now, he is probably a stretch-four with a lot of guard skills. He’s comfortable out to the three-point line and will knock them down at a high clip if unattended. If bigs press up, he has the ability to blow by them and get to the rack. He also defends at a high level and can be a really good rim-protector. Over the course of the next few years, I can see Rob’s stock rising quickly. He is the ultimate team guy.” Moore proved to be a clear asset at camp, securing the Mr. Playmaker award with relative ease, and will be a prospect to monitor over the coming years at Porter Gaud.