Team 8

Coach: George Marshall


#9: 5’8 ’24 Braylon King (Wake Forest-Rolesville)

Starting things off, we look at a player that showcased a pretty nice two-way foundation during camp, Braylon King. He’s a young, wiry point guard prospect that displayed the ability to operate in a variety of different offensive roles. King handled the ball well and proved to be an excellent passer with the ability to get downhill and make plays for himself or others within the paint. He’s a smart off-ball cutter and quality rebounder, especially for his size. Next in his development process is working to tighten his shooting mechanics, as it would improve his consistency from beyond the arc. Coach Marshall on King: “Braylon is a very coachable young man. He took feedback well throughout the entire weekend and showed steady growth in his confidence. When focused on defense, he could do some nice things on the ball. To improve as a player, Braylon must become a hawk on defense and take pride on the defensive end of the floor. Once that happens, he could turn into a really nice young piece.” King did a great job of impacting various facets of the game and has a chance to be a very useful player going forward.


#24: 5’10 ’24 Isaiah Denis (Harris Road)

Next, we look at a player that possesses an excellent crossroads between productivity and long-term potential, Isaiah Denis. He’s a young, wiry guard prospect with length and a reliable two-way skillset. Denis shot the ball with poise and consistency from the perimeter, but also showed a willingness to pass to open teammates whenever possible. He’s pretty quick on both ends and displayed a nice understanding of how to make his presence felt defensively. Next in his development process is working to get more involved as a rebounder, as he has the necessary size to make an impact on the glass. Coach Marshall on Denis: “Isaiah has great shooting touch for a young prospect. He has intriguing length and tools to be really tough down the road. When focused on the defensive end, he had good moments where he stayed in front of his man consistently. In order to take his game to the next level, he must take full ownership over the defensive end and pick his spots to get other members of his team involved. Isaiah is very humble and has lots of potential.” Denis will be one to watch grow, especially if he maintains his foundation from camp.


#46: 6’0 ’23 Billy Burton (Greensboro Day School)

Moving onto a player that is truly just beginning to scratch the surface of his long-term upside, Billy Burton. He’s a young, strong-bodied wing prospect with a quality motor and two-way feel for the game. Burton handles the ball well and can score effectively from all levels through moving without the ball and making decisive decisions. He rebounded nicely on both ends of the floor and consistently looked to pass to the open man on offense or in transition. Next in his development process is working to become quicker, as it’ll make him a more reliable penetrator. Coach Marshall on Burton: “I thoroughly enjoyed coaching Billy this weekend. Once he hits his growth spurt, he has a chance to be a great piece on any team. After challenging him to position himself better for rebounds, Billy started battling more consistently against some much older players. He needs to continue to gain speed and quickness so that open shots can be taken with more confidence. He’s a very coachable young man.” Burton already has the necessary foundation to become an excellent player, so it’ll be interesting to see his continued progression going forward.


#59: 6’1 ’21 Adrian Bell (Grovetown)

Continuing onto a player that showcased a ton of appealing two-way tools during camp, Adrian Bell. He’s a long, skilled, athletic guard prospect with a blindingly quick first step and the ability to enter the paint at a relentless rate. Bell handles the ball effectively and is capable of creating nicely for himself and others. He also worked well without the ball as a cutter, spot-up threat, and all-around defender. Bell proved to be a phenomenal teammate that was always willing to do the little things, like sprinting back in transition and fighting for extra possessions. Next in his development process is working on his court sense, as it would make him a more complete player. Coach Marshall on Bell: “Athletically, Adrian was at the top of the board for players on our team. He showcased his skills throughout the weekend and made some strong moves to the basket coupled with some finishes through contact. He could hit three-pointers, but was somewhat inconsistent. To go to the next level, he needs to use his athleticism and prioritize defending the best player on the opposing team. Adrian has lots of potential as he grows in that regard.” Bell was one of the more intriguing performers from his camp team and should be monitored closely over these next two years.


#75: 6’2 ’20 Justin Stephens (Corinth Holders)

Next, we look at a player that offered his team a pretty balanced, well-rounded skillset throughout camp, Justin Stephens. He’s a high-motor guard that knows how to make his presence felt, both with and without the ball in his hands. Stephens is quality penetrator and all-around shooting threat with the ability to create for himself or spot-up alongside the perimeter. Next in his development process is working on getting everyone involved, as that’s a primary task for most floor generals. Coach Marshall on Stephens: “One of Justin’s best attributes is his ability to take feedback and implement it during his next time on the court. This made him a joy to coach over the weekend. Justin made some very impressive IQ plays by knowing the right time to make the extra pass and using backdoor cuts for easy layups. The next level for Justin will be developing into more of a lead guard, facilitating an offense, and being a lead defender for his team. I can’t wait to see where he goes next.” Stephens displayed an excellent array of tools during camp and should emerge as a major contributor this season for Corinth Holders.


#87: 6’3 ’20 Ty Hurst (Carter)

Moving onto a player that stood out nicely for his leadership and all-around scoring ability, Ty Hurst. He’s a long, wiry guard prospect with an unselfish, team-first approach on both sides of the ball. Hurst is a smart, reliable shot-creator that can truly apply efficient scoring pressure from all three levels. He plays with a terrific motor and shows flashes of being a very strong defensive player. Hurst rebounds well on both ends and pushes the break at every available opportunity. Next in his development process is working to become a craftier passer, as it would open up even more scoring opportunities for his team. Coach Marshall on Hurst: “Everyone knows that Ty can shoot the cover off the ball (and he absolutely can), but what isn’t talked about is his leadership. Ty did an awesome job of leading his team, making the right decision, and knowing when to get teammates involved versus when to create for himself. He will become an awesome player when he commits himself to an elite defender on and off the ball. Ty is tons of fun to coach and was great at taking feedback.” Hurst is definitely a college-level prospect that should have all types of programs enticed with his production and continued upside.


#103: 6’5 ’20 Daniel Fulk (South Stokes)

Continuing onto a player that that made quite the impression with his willingness to do anything to give his team an edge, Daniel Fulk. He’s a strong-bodied forward that operated as the primary glue-guy for his team throughout camp. Fulk plays with an exceptional motor and understands how to assert his will as a rebounder, hustle player, and two-way interior presence. He knocked down multiple jumpers from midrange and beyond the arc while also finishing most of his attempts around the basket. Next in his development process is working to become quicker, as it will allow him to take slower big men off the dribble with less resistance. Coach Marshall on Fulk: “Daniel is the ultimate team player that will do anything it takes to help his team win. He was impressive with guarding some of the best players in the event. He can continue to become an offensive threat by focusing on moves attacking the basket with both hands. Daniel should absolutely continue to own his role by being a glue-guy that picks the right spots and does his job effectively. I loved coaching him!” Fulk enjoyed a great showing at camp, simply by doing the little things and filling in the gaps on both ends of the floor.


#112: 6’6 ’21 Noah Allred (Bishop McGuinness)

Finishing up, we look at a player that was easily among the most impressive performers from camp, Noah Allred. He’s a strong, skilled, aggressive two-way forward that causes a ton of matchup problems with his versatility. Allred is a team-first guy that understands how to reliably create for himself and others off the bounce. He’s able to be featured in a variety of different roles on offense, from the low and high post to the perimeter, and rebounds the ball exceptionally well on both ends of the floor. Next in his development process is working to become quicker, as it’ll make his inside-out game even tougher for opponents to contain. Coach Marshall on Allred: “Noah is an awesome team player! He does a ton of dirty work that helps make everyone around him better. His rebounding, passing, scoring in the free and on the low block are exceptional. He did an excellent job of sealing his man down low and attacking the basket by using his body and seeking contact. Noah will have a chance to become an elite player with increased foot speed and ability to guard stronger perimeter players. He’s a great player to coach.” Allred looked phenomenal throughout camp and should be a candidate to have a breakout junior season at Bishop McGuinness.