Team 5

Coach: Josh Prince


#6:'5'4 '22 Zane Caudle (Uwharrie Charter Academy)

Starting things off, we look at a player that made a pretty nice impact despite his lack of true size, Zane Caudle. He's an undersized point guard with an unselfish, team-first approach on offense. Caudle consistently looks to set up others and get each of his teammates involved in the action, but is also capable of scoring within the flow of the team. He positions himself well on defense and does a great job of pitching the ball ahead on fast-break chances. Next in his development process is working to add strength, as it will allow him to apply his useful skillset with less resistance. Coach Prince on Caudle: 'Zane showed an ability to consistently get to the paint and be able to make plays despite being one of the smallest players on the court. His fearless attitude also shared with his ability to catch and shoot without hesitation from the perimeter stood out throughout the day.' Caudle already displays a quality skillset, so it'll be interesting to watch his continued physical development going forward.


#28: 5'10 '22 Reid Carrier (Highlands)

Next, we look at a player that showcased a really appealing balance between scoring and playmaking, Reid Carrier. He's a wiry guard prospect with an excellent two-way feel for the game. Carrier handled the ball well and was able to consistently create off the bounce for himself or others. He proved to be a well-rounded floor general with enough shooting ability to play alongside another primary ball-handler. Next in his development process is working to become quicker, as it would make him a more reliable defender, especially at the point of attack. Coach Prince on Carrier: 'Reid is a true point guard that is always looking to make the right play. He continually made the correct reads in transition and off ball screens. Reid also showed his ability to score in a variety of ways. He finished the first day in the top five in scoring while showing the ability to score all over the court.' Carrier proved to be among the subtler, yet reliable, guards at camp and should be one to monitor over the coming years.


#41:'5'11 '19 Mason Long (Moravian Prep)

Moving onto a player that stood out quite regularly for his ability to shoot, especially from beyond the arc, Mason Long. He's a big-bodied guard prospect that knows how to move without the ball and setup for catch-and-shoot opportunities. Long gives great effort on both ends of the floor and proved to be unselfish through his useful court vision. Next in his development process is working to get in better physical condition, as it would make a better all-around defender. Coach Prince on Long: 'Mason really showed that he is a knockdown shooter from deep. He helped space the floor with his ability to catch and shoot with a quick release. He also has deceptively quick hands on defense, which led to easy buckets in transition.' Long did a lot of things well while operating within the flow of the offense, which should allow him to carve out a nice role on Moravian Prep's post-grad team.


#61:'6'1 '20 Alan Walker (Hopewell)

Continuing onto a player that stood out as one of the most well-rounded performers on this team, Alan Walker. He's a poised wing prospect that was able to attack the basket and finish through contact whenever he desired. Walker handles the ball well and looked to make plays for others throughout camp. He's a nice athlete with a strong two-way feel for the game and the ability to score efficiently from all three levels. Next in his development process is working on his consistency as a shooter off the dribble, as it would make him even more difficult for opponents to contain on offense. Coach Prince on Walker: 'Alan has great length for his size, which allows him to be a great slasher and get to the rim in the half-court. This length also helps in transition by being able to force turnovers. Alan showed some toughness on the first day by playing through an injury and battling while on the court.' Walker enjoyed a strong showing at camp and could be a quality contributor this season for Hopewell.


#72:'6'2 '21 Ian George Blue (Pinecrest)

Next, we look at a player that showcased the necessary tools to operate and impact the game within a variety of different roles, Ian George Blue. He's a wiry guard prospect that worked well as a defender, penetrator, and spot-up threat from the perimeter. Blue displays a solid feel for the game and played with great effort throughout the event. Next in his development process is working to add strength to his wiry frame, as it make him an even better finisher around the basket. Coach Prince on Blue: 'Ian was a scrappy player for the first day. Through the three games on day one, Ian took a total of seven charges. He was constantly in the right position on defense and was continually talking on and off the court. This lefty also showed that he can get to his strong hand and finish at the rim and was also able to knock down shots off the dribble.' Blue did a strong amount of everything during camp and should be one to keep an eye on, as he could be very productive over these next two seasons.


#90:'6'3 '21 LucRichard Rameau (Virginia Episcopal)

Moving onto a player that continues to be the epitome of consistency in every possible setting, LucRichard Rameau. He's a strong, physical, intelligent two-way wing prospect that stands out as a matchup problem for most opponents. Rameau offers an incredible balance between skill and physicality, which really allows him to impact the game in every possible way. He's quicker than he appears, especially on defense, and is capable of overwhelming the opposition in various different ways. Next in his development process is working to become an even better defender, as his offensive skillset is quite complete. Coach Prince on Rameau: 'LucRichard is a big-bodied wing that gave his opponents problems when he decided to get downhill. His physicality and ability to take on contact while finishing allowed him multiple and-one opportunities. LucRichard also did not hesitate to pull-up one he established his presence in the paint. He consistently hit open shots from deep and also was able to grab multiple rebounds despite being undersized down low.' Rameau was undeniably consistent throughout camp and won the Mr. Station award with relative ease.


#100: 6'4 '21 Akhiris Holden (Henderson Collegiate)

Finishing up, we look at a player that was arguably the breakout performer of Phenom All-American Camp, Akhiris Holden. He's a long, athletic wing/forward prospect that simply knows how to naturally affect all facets of the game. Holden plays with a high motor and flies around the court, always looking to make a play or disrupt the opposition. He rebounds and scores extremely well inside the paint, but also showed semblance of a formidable three-point stroke over the weekend. Holden has tremendous upside, but already contributes at a high level'regardless of setting or supporting cast. Next in his development process is continuing to add strength, as it will only make him more physical and athletic over the next few years. Coach Prince on Holden: 'Akhiris is a springy forward that tries to dunk everything around the rim. He is an exceptional rebounder on both ends and excelled in transition by sprinting the floor. Akhiris had multiple putback dunks, showing his effort to crash the offensive boards.' There's a lot to get excited about with Holden, considering he's already really impressive but looks likely to become even better going forward.