Team 12
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Coach: Colby Lewis

#0: 5'7 '21 Questin Overman (Liberty)

Questin was extremely coachable and one of the best teammates I've ever had the opportunity to coach. He's the type of person who will be successful in life beyond basketball due to his work ethic and team-first approach. He is an extremely unselfish guard who looks to make the right play for his team. There were several times throughout the weekend when he gave up an open shot of his own to make the extra pass to a teammate who was even more open. He also did a good job of setting up his teammates in drive and kick situations. On the defensive end, he had a solid understanding of team defensive principles and would sacrifice his body for charges or diving for loose balls. The next phase in his development will be improving his consistency from the perimeter and being able to get his shot off quicker. 

#1: 5'9 '24 Will Googins (Mooresville)

For such a young point guard prospect, Will played with poise and maturity throughout the weekend and showcased his ability to make the right play. He did a great job of attacking off of the bounce and getting into the paint. When in the paint, he plays under control and has a nice two-foot floater. He played unselfishly when he got into the paint and was able to drive and kick to shooters. He also showcased the ability to knock down the perimeter shot. On the defensive end, he has the ability to bother the ball handler. The next step in his development will be learning to make the right plays out of pick and roll situations, and becoming even more consistent from the perimeter. As he continues to mature and add strength, it will help him with finishing through contact when attacking the basket. 

#3: 5'10 '23 Jameen 'JJ' Moore (Gastonia)

JJ is a tough, strong guard who is highly competitive. He has great end to end speed, and can score in a variety of ways. Despite his height, he finds ways to score over length and through contact with his creativity and touch around the basket. JJ can really handle the basketball and break defenders down off the bounce. He proved that he can score from all levels with shooting off both the catch and the bounce. He could improve his shooting mechanics and technique with proper form and rotation. This improvement would make him much more consistent from the perimeter, which would in turn open up all aspects of his offensive arsenal. Known for his talent to score the basketball, I was impressed with his ability and willingness to buy into the team game. As the weekend progressed, one could see his growth as a passer whether it was off ball screens (hitting the roller) or making the extra pass.  

#4: 6'1 '25 James Stainback (High Point)

The youngest player on the team, James played hard every possession and proved he belonged out on the court. The young wing has good length and did a really good job of attacking the offensive glass and creating second chance opportunities for his team. He has good natural instincts for being in the right place at the right time. He has a solid looking shot, but will need to continue to improve consistency. When shooting from the perimeter, he is best off the catch when in rhythm, but as he gets older if he can add shooting off the move and off screens to his game, that will be a huge help. He was extremely coachable and a quick learner. He has a good feel for the game and understands spacing and team concepts on both ends of the floor. 

#5: 6'3 '21 Uriah Brown (Raleigh)

Uriah is an explosive guard prospect who likes to creates shots for himself off of the bounce. He has the ability to make shots from the perimeter and the midrange. He is a high energy player who plays extremely hard. He does a lot of little things that might not always show up on the stat sheet. Defensively, he is able to guard multiple positions using his athleticism and motor. He anticipates the passing lanes for steals to create transition scoring opportunities. One thing that really stook out to me was his leadership ability and curiosity to learn. He was constantly asking what he needed to do to improve throughout the course of the game. The next step in his development is working on shot selection. 

#6: 6'3 '24 Jaxon Prunty (Charlotte)

Jaxon is a very intriguing young wing prospect. For a freshman, he has a nice mix of length, skill and athleticism. Offensively, he showed the versatility of being able to score off the bounce and the catch, whether from the perimeter or getting to the basket. He can use either hand when attacking the basket. He also has nice touch on his floater. For his size, he is able to handle the ball well. From the perimeter, he is able to make the three-point shot with range when in rhythm. He is still young and has plenty of time to add strength to his frame, but once he does, he will be able to play through contact and finish stronger when attacking the glass. Defensively, he uses his length well when guarding on the perimeter. As he continues to grow and mature, he is one to track in the years to come given his potential. He is projected to be 6'8 and has a ton of upside!

#7: 6'3 '22 Tyreit 'TJ' Miller (Greensboro)

Tyreit really stuck out as a glue-guy for this team. He is a versatile wing prospect with his size and athleticism. Defensively, he was asked to guard several different opponents over the course of the weekend, and he always took pride on that end of the floor. He has the ability to guard multiple positions. He can guard smaller guards on the perimeter, but can also use his strength to defend bigger players in the post. Offensively, he is best when attacking the basket in straight lines. He did a good job of finishing through contact. The next step in his development is improving his outside shot and tightening up his handle. Becoming a more consistent perimeter shooter will help open up driving lanes for him. He was extremely coachable and a team-first guy. 

#8: 6'4 '22 Zanje Lee (Wake Forest)

Zanje was an athletic, versatile wing prospect who excels in the open court. He shot the ball consistently from the perimeter throughout the weekend when he was in rhythm, but was hard to contain when he got a head of steam attacking the basket. He was able to use both hands and finish through contact. The thing I loved most about his game was his ability to guard multiple positions on the court. He has the athleticism and quickness to bother ball handlers, but also the strength to battle on the interior. He reads passing lanes extremely well, and does so without getting beat gambling. He rebounds well for his position. The next step in his development will be becoming more creative off the dribble. 

#9: 6'8 '23 Jaydin Spillman-Martin (Mocksville)

Jaydin has a nice mix of skill and length. For his size, age, and position, he has really good ball skills. His versatility on the offensive end will have college coaches extremely interested. He prefers to play along the perimeter in pick and pop situations. As he fine tunes his shooting mechanics, he will become even more consistent from the perimeter. This will open up so many areas of his game and his recruitment will really pick up. He runs the floor well in transition and is able to finish through traffic. In the post, he has nice touch and is most comfortable scoring over his left shoulder. The next phase in his development will be adding strength to his frame. This will help him establish great post position and help finish through contact. Defensively, he uses his length well and has good timing to block shots, especially in rotational situations. I was impressed with how he answered the challenge when defending the physically bigger 6'10 Jonathan Kurtas. Jaydin used his length well to force opponents to score over him. He has a ton of upside and is someone college coaches need to get on soon.  

#10: 5'9 '22 Marc 'MJ' Raye Jr. (Winston-Salem)

MJ is a lefty point guard who has the ability to create for himself and others. As the son of a coach, he extends this leadership while on the floor. He welcomes being held accountable and wants to be coached. As a coach, that is what you look for in your point guard. He can really handle the basketball, and is able to penetrate the defense and find teammates for open shots. He controls the tempo of the game and knows when to push the ball in transition versus when to slow it down and get the team a good shot. MJ has a nice perimeter shot and showed the ability to knock down the three-point shot off both the catch and the bounce at an efficient clip. The next step in his development will be finishing through contact more consistently.