Phenom Hoop Report is all over the Mid-Atlantic region so it is no surprise that we rolled into one of the hot beds of talent in the Carolina's, Fayetteville, NC to hold our 3G event this year. While this event may not be as big as others we have hosted of late the talent here is strong. If you were not able to get into the gym, here are a few you may have missed out on.

Braedon Sargernt, 2022 G with Flight 22 14u ' Gritty gamer that plays the game hard and the right way. Gets to the right spots on the floor, makes smart plays for his team, and has the shot to hurt you when given the chance. Has the feel of a role/glue guy as he develops as he does enough well all-around to suggest that developmental path.

Jaylon Johnson, 2022 F with Flight 22 14u ' Active young big held up nice all weekend long. Not your typical big but works hard and gets it done in the lane. Rebounded strong for his age group. Will need to grow to handle the power spots as he advances, or expand his game to the wing. Young player has time to grow and develop so it is way to early to write the book on him.

Daveon Leggette, 2023 G with B2W 13u ' We reviewed this young man's game in detail yesterday so we won't go back over his full scouting report. His team was playing up versus a 14u team this morning and the same type of fire, motor, and production that we saw yesterday was back on display. Kid does it all for this team. He leads them in every category and if he is not on his teams chances to win go down drastically. Got to see him go twice this weekend and never felt disappointed by what he gave us on the floor.

Xavier Johnson, 2023 G with B2W 13u ' Little dude has game. He can hit from deep as he showed the last 2 days but he can also create some for himself and others off the bounce. Size is a real drawback but being this young that can change overnight almost. These are reasons why we typically do not look at kids this young. He has some potential here to work with but at this age you just don't know which way they will turn out.