Phenom Hoop Report is all over the Mid-Atlantic region so it is no surprise that we rolled into one of the hot beds of talent in the Carolina's, Fayetteville, NC to hold our 3G event this year. While this event may not be as big as others we have hosted of late the talent here is strong. If you were not able to get into the gym, here are a few you may have missed out on.

Jermaine Jones, 6'2 2018 W with CBC 17u ' Unsigned senior had a good day today putting points up on the board with ease. Not the greatest size on him off the wing as a 2 but was effective in this one. Will float to the outside a bit too much for our taste, looking to spot up for the shot, and does not always engage in the play the way you'd want to see. Still, kid can score, has decent straight line speed, and a decent jumper to work with. Not sure of the ceiling or the floor here but we see tools worth developing here.

Jordan Byrd, 6'8 2019 F with Mid-State Magic 17u ' Legit length to be had here. Size always will get looks and Jordan has that all day long. He needs to add strength and is not your typical down low banger but we did see signs of a stretch big here to be had. He pulled the jumper from behind the arch a few times in this one and though he did not connect, he was on target and looked comfortable in doing so. A program that runs a pick and pop set that can put him with a strong interior player could be very happy with their investment here.

Kyle Austin, 6' 2018 G with CBC 17u ' Tough guard with more bounce than you'd expect in his game. Took a shot early in the 2nd half and kept on coming, looking a bit stronger after taking the hit than he had previously. He has the quickness and requisite toughness needed to survive at the next level but we are not sure as to what position he fits at. He has the feel of a combo guard at this point as there is no real other position to put him at. Either way, this is the type of kid you find minutes for cause he is going to give you what he has when you do.

Moses Nueman, 6'7 2018 F with CBC 17u ' Another unsigned senior off this squad but one with a bit more size. He did not have the high octane/high flying game to him that others here have shown but he holds his own. A stay at home big that can rebound and get the easy ones as you'd expect him to. Anyone looking for size and a more traditional big needs to give him a look. Could be a steal as a D3 center.

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