Phenom Hoop Report is all over the Mid-Atlantic region so it is no surprise that we rolled into one of the hot beds of talent in the Carolina's, Fayetteville, NC to hold our 3G event this year. While this event may not be as big as others we have hosted of late the talent here is strong. If you were not able to get into the gym, here are a few you may have missed out on.

Joaquin Davis, 6'5 2020 W with Boo Williams 16u – This kid is looong! Has the ideal build/body type for today's game. Runs the floor like a guard, swats shots like a center, and makes plays all over the floor. In AAU events like this it's usually all about the offense but he got our attention thanks to his effort on D. He had several steals/deflections right off the bat and followed those up with shot blocks and alterations from there. Davis also showed nice feel in the passing game as he had several nice passes here as well. Did not see him shot the ball outside of the paint but was getting to the rim easy so was no need to break it out. Young athletes like this always are in demand. He will play college ball somewhere before its over.

Joshua Sansom, 6'2 2021 G with Boo Williams 16u – Talented guard prospect in the 2021 class has potential written all over him. He has the type of athletic ability, strength, and feel for the game that suggests big things ahead for him. Playing up, he still showed up in all areas of the box score. Best with the ball in his hands but did show ability to play off the ball as well, mainly as a spot up shooter. The floor and ceiling is going to be high on this kid before he's done. For sure is one to watch in the class.

Aaron Ross, 6'2 2020 G with Boo Williams 16u – We love the gritty, go hard, hard hat type of players so naturally we were drawn to Aaron's game. Kid has to have one of the best motors we have seen in a bit as he never gives up on a play, often times gaining extra possessions for his team through his efforts. He rebounds his position very well, gives good effort on D, and got to the basket with regularity on the offensive end. Would liked to have seen more of his jumper but it wasn't really needed in this one. All-around competitor will have a place at the next level and could shine given the right fit and role.

Jay Parrot, 5'9 2020 G with JoCo Allstars 16u – His team was outgunned and outmanned in this one but that did not keep Jay from going hard while we were courtside. The motor is here to be had but the skill is still developing. Was tasked with doing too much here for this team. Had moments where he looked good off the attack but decision making, vision, and the ability to finish still have a ways to go.

Isaiah Wiggins, 6'4 2020 F with JoCo Allstars 16u – No flashy, bounce out of the gym, highlight reel plays here just solid grind it out stuff. Kid gives effort and does his role and gives you a respectable box score as a result. He's not the kind of player you game plan for but he is that solid role guy that can hurt you throughout the course of the game. He is the definition of what a 'garbage man' player is. Come to work, pick up the loose trash, do your job kind of player.