Phenom Hoop Report is all over the Mid-Atlantic region so it is no surprise that we rolled into one of the hot beds of talent in the Carolina's, Fayetteville, NC to hold our 3G event this year. While this event may not be as big as others we have hosted of late the talent here is strong. If you were not able to get into the gym, here are a few you may have missed out on.

Jamael Carter Jr, 5'9 2020 G with Flight 22 16u ' Thick bowling ball type PG is fun to watch work. Built more like a running back in football than a PG for hoops, kid powers through the D. When on a roll and coming downhill he is hard to stop and has the body control and quick feet to go around you if need be. Showed the jumper while we were watching as well so you have to respect that part of his game as well as the ability to drive. Generally made good decisions with the ball and showed enough vision and feel to work as a 1 at the next level.

Chase Dawkins, 6'1 2020 G with Flight 22 16u ' Don't leave this kid open cause if you do he will hurt you with that jumper of his. It only takes him a second to get his shot off as he is always in position to pull the trigger once the ball finds him. Spot up player is your typical 3 and D, space the floor shooter but as long as the shot is going down he is a weapon you have to account for.

Ethan Young, 6'5 2020 F with Flight 22 16u ' Ethan has the good mix of size and bulk that you look for as well as a strong enough motor to power it. The game is ugly at this point, more garbage man like than polished prospect but he does very well in the role he is asked to play. Defense, rebounding, and clean up around the basket is where he makes his money at. If he can gain a few more inches he will see his stock rise. As is though we can still see him playing college ball at the right level. The floor is solid enough to ensure that.

Gary Williams, 6'3 2021 G with Boo Williams Carolina 16u ' Like Dawkins, this kid can stroke it from deep. Where the 2 players differ though is in the level of athleticism as Williams has more raw tools to work with. His skill set is not as defined as Dawkins is but he is also a year behind and time is always the great equalizer. His coach tells us that this is one of his first events with this team so that would account for some of the tentativeness we saw in his first game. He played a bit looser in game 2 and looked like he wasn't trying to think as much on the floor. Will be fun to watch his development.