#6:'5'6 '20 TJ Ridley of Southwest Guilford (High Point)

Beginning with a young player whose game is continuing to develop with every passing minute he logs, TJ Ridley. He's a lead guard that has a mind for the position, able to handle and distribute the ball fairly well. Offensively, he's more of a true point than a scoring guard, definitely prefers creating for others to taking it himself; he has the ability to score from the elbows in and is able to penetrate off the dribble. On the other end, he's competent but tends to get happy feet when guarding the ball, needs to become more disciplined on defense. Next in his development process is filling out his all-around game; getting stronger, honing his defensive ability and the addition of a knockdown jump shot would heighten his level of play. Coach Perry on Ridley: 'TJ is a good kid that was very coachable during camp. He's got a nice midrange jumper; needs to work on his three-point range. TJ is a small, quick guard that has a decent handle and passing ability. Once he gets stronger and faster, should become an interesting player.' As Ridley continues to work on his game, the production will show on the court as he enters his freshman season at Southwest Guilford.

#39:'5'10 '18 Arcie McManus of Hopewell (Charlotte)

Moving onto a two-way player that displayed the ability to compliment any lineup, Arcie McManus. He's an off-guard with a pretty high motor, which seems to define his game on either side of the ball, as he enstills hysteria in opponents from the constant movement. McManus was a quality teammate throughout camp, always the first to help a teammate up or provide encouragement when necessary. He's a decent offensive player, but until he adds consistency to his jump shot he will need to continue to punish opposing defenses with his cutting ability. Next in his development process, aside from refining his jumper, is to tighten his handle; this would allow him to play either guard position and give him an interesting change-of-pace game on offense. Coach Perry on McManus: 'Arcie plays with a high motor and works really hard on defense while rebounding the ball very well on both ends for a guard. He needs to work on ball handling and having a more consistent jump shot. Arcie is a great kid and teammate.' After showcasing his hard-nosed mentality during camp, McManus should continue polishing his game as he enters his junior season at Hopewell.

#48:'5'10 '20 Jeremiah Williams of Clayton (Clayton)

Next, we look at a player that worked well within the team concept and showed his ability to learn then execute, Jeremiah Williams. He's a young wing that shows great effort on both ends of the floor, really hustling at all times. Next in his development process is to improve his jump shot, as retooling the makings of his form would pay huge dividends for Williams in the short and long term. Coach Perry: 'Jeremiah is a good kid that is eager to learn and get better. He is a great team player; needs to work on ball handling and getting stronger.' This is all part of the process for young Williams; the more work he puts in off the floor, the more progress he will see on the floor. There were quality takeaways from his camp performance and he should continue his momentum entering his freshman season at Clayton.

#88:'6'0 '20 Colton Richardson of North Davidson (Lexington)

Continuing onto a guard that displayed the ability to assert himself as a presence off-ball, Colton Richardson. He's a natural off-guard and plays a high IQ game, moving well without the ball and getting open and hitting shots frequently. Defensively, Richardson is solid away from the ball and in transition but needs to improve his on-ball defense. Next in his development process is getting quicker laterally and improving his ball handling ability, as this would allow him to toggle between guard spots or play as the secondary ball handler. Coach Perry on Richardson: 'Colton is a good catch and shoot player that rebounds very well for a guard. He's very fundamental but needs to work on getting stronger and faster. As he continues to get better handling the ball and shooting off the dribble, he should become a nice player.' Richardson had a solid showing at camp and should continue to expand his game as he enters his freshman season at North Davidson.

#102:'6'1 '18 Myles Bloutbrown of West Florence (Florence)

Next, we look at a guard with size that showcased his fairly well rounded game, on both ends of the floor, Myles Blountbrown. He's able to defend either guard spot quite well and did a really solid job guarding opponents away from the ball. Bloutbrown is better in nearly all facets away from the ball yet displayed the ability to score off the drive at an efficient clip. Next in his development process is to improve his creating ability for himself and teammates; tweaking his jump shot would benefit his scoring chances considerably. Coach Perry on Blountbrown: 'Myles is a good athlete that attacks the rim well in both the half and full-court. He defends well and is good as the help side defender. Ball handling needs some improvement and should continue to get stronger.' Bloutbrown will continue to improve offensively and he's already a solid defender, should look to have a nice junior season at West Florence.

#126:'6'3 '17 Trey Johnsen of Northern Guilford (Greensboro)

Moving onto a guard whose offensive arsenal really stood out above comparable players, Trey Johnsen. He's able to play either guard spot comfortably yet thrives as the off-guard and does a nice job moving without the ball to find quality shots. Johnsen is a scorer on three levels and showcases a really smooth three-point stroke; he doesn't have many weaknesses when it comes to scoring the ball. Defensively, he's decent across the board but can be a real two-way threat when he puts his mind to it; has a fairly high IQ on both ends. Next in his development process is working towards getting stronger and faster; he's a solid athlete but could really get his way on both ends with some work. Coach Perry on Johnsen: 'Trey can really run a team and score on three levels. He has a great attitude; was a great team player throughout camp. Trey showed he's a good rebounder for his position and picks his spots within the offense really well. As he continues to get faster and stronger, he will develop into a nice guard.' Johnsen showed he's a capable guard already, but his development is not complete yet, he will continue to improve as he enters his senior season at Northern Guilford.

#129:'6'2 '18 Sam Gravley of Greer HS (Greer)

Next, we look at an all-around guard with size who made a name for himself on the offensive end, Sam Gravley. He immediately stands out as a player that understands the game and knows how to manipulate the opponent on both ends. Offensively, Gravley is able to play either guard spot and with high efficiency; he can get his shot on all three levels quite easily and converts more times than not. He has a solid handle and possesses the ability to create a shot for himself and teammates in a pinch, is a willing distributor. On the other end Gravley is a quality defender, though he is better off-ball than on it. Next in his development process is continuing to add lateral quickness, as this would make him a tough defender in all facets. Coach Perry on Gravley: 'Sam is a lights-out shooter! He is really good at coming off down screens, creating for himself and others; looked really nice in catch and shoot opportunities. He has a good handle with the ball in both the half and full-court. Sam is a very coachable young man. Needs to continue adding strength and quickness in order to elevate his game.' Gravley showcased the ability to play at high level and needs to continue his momentum as he enters his junior season at Greer.

#169:'6'4 '17 Elijah Manley of Uwharrie Charter (Asheboro)

Moving onto a player whose competitiveness and defensive grit won him considerable respect with teammates and coaches, Elijah Manley. He's a forward with a high motor, always running around and causing havoc for opponents, whether it's chasing him around on offense or accounting for his presence on defense. Manley hits the glass with authority and often grabs boards over bigger players, was among the best rebounders on his team. He's solid from the elbows in offensively but thrives in staying active on the glass and around the basket. Next in his development process is extending his range and tightening his handle, as the addition of these two skills would really make him a difficult two-way force for opponents to handle. Coach Perry on Manley: 'Elijah plays very hard every time he steps onto the floor. He has the ability to guard multiple positions and is a great rebounder. Elijah can step out and hit the 15-17 foot jumper. He needs to continue to develop his three-point shot and his ball handling.' Manley certainly projects up and should continue to work after his quality showing at camp; will have success if he remains the high motor player that was on display.

#213:'6'8 '19 Kadin Shedrick of Holly Springs HS (Holly Springs)

Finishing up with a big man that hones a really unique skill set and projects as a high-upside player, Kadin Shedrick. He's really long and thin yet showed off the ability to slither through defenses; has flashes of a three-level scorer and would really dominate opponents if he became reliable from all distances. Shedrick is a solid rebounder on both ends and runs the floor in transition well for a big man. Defensively, he disrupts shots constantly when anchoring the paint but struggles at times guarding the post straight up. Next in his development process is simply continuing to add weight to his frame and getting stronger; when he can go to work on the low block, he will be a really intriguing prospect. Coach Perry on Shedrick: 'Kadin is a long, high-energy kid that rebounds the ball really well. He showed the ability to shoot the three-pointer and from midrange. Needs to add strength and quickness; has to work in the post a little more but has a high upside.' Shedrick is a young prospect that will only continue to become bigger and more polished as times goes on; he should carry his play into his sophomore season at Holly Springs.

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