Here are five players that made a name for themselves at the Phenom 150 Session II'

Phenom Hoop Reports 150 event is a must hit for any young player looking to make a name for themselves in the South. Session one was a few weeks ago and it saw 200 plus kids getting after it. Session two was this Sunday in Greensboro, NC and brought more of the same. If you were not able to make it out here is some of the talent you missed out on:

Noah Smith

Noah Smith, 6'4 2018 W at Newton Conover HS

' Noah is an active and scrappy young wing that uses his motor and smarts to his advantage out on the floor. Others may have had more highlight worthy moments or might end up on the mix tape highlights from today but not many were as effective as he was. We watched him go for a double/double (pts/reb) in game one while showing effort on D as well. He showed a face up and back to the basket game as well as determination to get the job done. A kid like Noah will always find a way to get it done and produce out on the floor. He proved that here today and showed that he is a player to keep an eye on this season.

Hayden Greene, 6'7 2019 F at West Stanly HS

' Fundamental play from a young big is not something you see too often so when you do see it you appreciate it. Hayden showed us all that he is well coached and knows how to play the game. He uses the glass well, working the angles to his advantage and kept the ball high all game long. Hayden also showed to be a solid passer from the post and leads his guys well on the outlet. Hayden did miss a few easy ones in the game we saw and will have to finish better going forward but bottom line is that he is a solid young big that will help win games for his team. West Stanly has several nice pieces this year to work with, Hayden is one of the bigger ones for sure.

Justus Shelton, 6'8 2020 F at Mountain Heritage HS

' Justus checked in today as one of the tallest players in the field. In game one we saw him match up versus Hayden and more than hold his own in a battle of young bigs. Like a lot of young forwards with his length Justus has got to put some meat/strength on his bones but to be so young he shows a lot of potential for now as well as the future. He put up double digits in the points column in game one and competed hard in general. He got pushed around some and was not as effective on the glass as you'd like but once he adds muscle that par of the game should take care of itself. Justus showed us he has a future worth tracking here today. We will keep him in the memory banks for sure.

Tyler High

Tyler High, 6'3 2017 W at First Flight HS

' Tyler is everything in a player you'd expect your upperclassmen to be. He is smart, effective, and efficient out on the floor. He is the type of glue guy player that every team looks for as well as he does enough of everything well enough to be an asset in multiple roles on the floor. He showed range out past the 3, a willingness to drive, and the ability to work the glass as needed as well. Tyler is what we like to call a 'go hard kid' as that is just what he does out on the floor. You play that hard and production usually follows. It did today in the game we saw as he battled his way to a double digit point showing to go along with several timely rebounds. Glue guys can make or break a team, he was one of the better ones on the day.

Jalen Joiner, 6'3 2019 G at Piedmont Classical

' Jalen is a nice looking wing athlete with length and bounce. He was active on D all game we saw with these go go gadget like arms that seemingly got to everything on the floor. Jalen will flush it with ease on one end and get back and rip the board on the other next time back. On a day that favored the big boys up front, Jalen showed his game deserves some love too. Nice looking wing athlete in the 2019 class.

More to come from this event so be on the lookout. Until next time, see you in the gym!