Camp season is upon us at Phenom Hoops, as it gives us a chance to watch a blend of experienced players, young players, and ones that are simply new names to Phenom Hoops. It also provides these players a chance to start their story with us and play against some great competition. Session I on Saturday in Greensboro brought us some intriguing names to watch, players that grabbed our attention with their play.

Here are a few guards that should be ones to watch.

2023 6'1 Jaden Lyles (Vance): Lyles is a new name in the Charlotte area that captured our eyes, as he was simply a playmaker on the court, which is why he earned some honors from the camp.  Lyles is a sturdy 6'1 guard that was relentless on the court, showing a tremendous blend of vision, delivering some impressive dimes but also was fearless in attacking the rim.

2023 6'2 Dallas Gardner (Myers Park): Gardner is a name that we have become familiar with and he continues to produce as a primary scoring threat. Good size, strong frame, and one that stays aggressive on the court, Gardner does a great job in creating for himself and finishing around or through his opponents.  He has been consistent throughout the summer and the season as a primary scoring threat on the court and continues to elevate his game.

2023 6'2 Darius Caldwell (Glenn): Caldwell captured several eyes on the court, including our very own Rick Lewis with his game both on and off the court.  The 6'2 prospect though led the camp in scoring, being effective in a variety of ways and levels on the court.  He shot the ball incredibly well from outside, set others up at a high rate, and should only continue to grow with his level of play in the coming years.

2022 6'3 Jeremiah Scales (Glenn): Scales is such an intriguing prospect and there was a reason why he took home MVP honors.  He brings such a unique blend of strength, skill, leadership, and IQ on the court.  He was consistently productive on the court and really be placed in multiple situations and thrive.  He scored effectively and took smart shots, knocking down the mid-range or finishing strong around the rim.

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