Team 1

Coach: Colby Lewis

#0: 5’6 ’24 Chaz Beasley (Augusta, GA)

Chaz Beasley is a young point guard that has a knack for creating off the bounce and getting downhill to the basket. Despite his height, he has the ability to find ways to finish over taller defenders with crafty finishes. From the perimeter, he showed the ability to knock down the three-point shot. Defensively, he has the ability to bother the ball handler with his pressure. As he continues to develop, the next step will be expanding his understanding of the point guard position when it comes to facilitating and getting his team the best shot on each possession. 

#1: 5’2 ’25 Lucas Kimrey (Charlotte, NC)

Despite his age and size difference against older opponents, Lucas Kimrey was a tough competitor who didn’t back down from anyone. The lefty has a nice looking shot from the perimeter and can make the floater when attacking the basket. What impressed me was his poise while handling the ball against pressure. Older, bigger defenders would try to pressure him in the backcourt and he didn’t get rattled. Defensively, he moves his feet well and stays in front of the ball. As he matures, he will be able to finish at a higher level against height in the paint. 

#2: 5’10 ’22 Jaylen Jones (Charlotte, NC)

Jaylen Jones is an athletic guard who excels attacking the basket. He has the quickness and strength to get by defenders and finish through contact. His speed in the open court allows teams to push it in transition. He also showed the ability to make perimeter shots while in rhythm. When his jumper is falling, it opens up the rest of his game. He made several nice interior passes to cutters at the end of his drives while playing under control. Defensively, he uses his quickness to pressure the ball. He has the ability to pick up the ball-handler 94-feet from the basket. The next step in his development will be facilitating and organizing the offense at the point guard position. 

#3: 5’10 ’23 Colin Fayed (Belmont, NC)

Colin Fayed is a high IQ point guard who has a great feel for the game. At the point guard position, he understands how to run the team and get others involved. He is a crafty ball handler with a quick first step that he uses to get into the paint where he has a nice touch on his floaters. He also does a good job of penetrating and kicking to open shooters. From the perimeter, he shoots the ball well in catch and shoot situations, so he is able to slide off the ball and be a threat from three. The next step in his development will be adding strength to his frame so that he can finish at a higher level against contact at the basket. On the defensive end, he does a good job of staying in front of ball handlers and understands team defensive principles. 

#4: 6’1 ’21 Aiden Mitchell (Rock Hill, SC)

Next, we look at a player who made his presence known on both ends of the floor, Aiden Mitchell. Offensively, he was best in catch and shoot situations from the perimeter. He has a smooth looking shot. He also showed the ability to be a secondary ball handler. On the defensive end, he was asked to guard multiple positions. He also rebounded the ball well for a guard, both grabbing rebounds around the basket and outside of his area. He also wasn’t afraid to give up his body, and took multiple charges throughout the camp. The next phase of his development will be adding even more ball skills so that he can create more off of the bounce, all while using his ability to shoot it from the perimeter as a way to set up his drives. 

#5: 6’1 ’23 Caleb Senyo (Fletcher, NC)

Continuing on to a player who has had a really good summer, Caleb Senyo is a point guard prospect who plays extremely hard. One play that stuck out to me was after making a shot on one end, the other team raced it up the court, and he made a great play to strip the ball at the rim to prevent a layup by hustling back. On the offensive end, Caleb is best when creating for others. He gets into the paint and finds teammates for shots. He is also able to knock down the perimeter jumper with consistency. As he continues to develop and add strength, he will be able to finish more consistently at the rim against contact. Defensively, he makes his presence felt by bothering the ball and rebounding the ball well for his position. 

#6: 6’2 ’22 Antonio Underwood II (Raeford, NC)

Next, we look at a tough competitor who competes on both ends of the floor, Antonio Underwood. He is a versatile wing who is able to defend multiple positions. His athleticism allows for him to guard the ball, but he also has the strength to guard bigger players if needed. On the offensive end, he is a strong driver. He is best in the open court when he can get out and attack the basket. The next step in his development will be adding a consistent perimeter jumper. By adding this element to his game, it will open up more chances for him to get to the basket. 

#7: 6’3 ’21 Anthony Jackson (Woodbridge, VA)

Next we look at a long, versatile wing prospect, Anthony Jackson. He has a smooth looking shooting stroke who is best in catch and shoot spot up situations. He also showed the ability to make shots on the move off screens. He is also capable of shot faking and taking one to two dribbles for slide dribble three-pointers or the midrange jumper. Defensively, he uses his length to play passing lanes and contest shots. The next step in his development will be expanding his ball handling ability so that he can be a secondary ball handler and be able to create his own shot off the bounce. 

#8: 6’5 ’21 Michael Linton (Creedmoor, NC)

Michael Linton is a long wing, forward prospect who competed hard on both ends of the court and showed his versatility on both ends of the floor. On the defensive end, he has the length and athleticism to guard a variety of positions. The physical tools are there to really be a disruptive player on the defensive end. He rebounds well, both at the rim and outside of his area. On the offensive end, he was best getting to the basket. He runs the floor well, gets out in his lanes and is able to attack the basket and finish at the rim. He showed the ability to finish with either hand. He is a capable shooter off the catch from the perimeter, but with improved consistency, it will open up more scoring opportunities. 

#9: 6’5 ’21 Nate Willis (Knightdale, NC)

Lastly, we look at a player who is highly coachable and a team-first player, Nate Willis. After being injured at the All-American Camp a few weeks earlier, he still showed up in support of his teammates. Coming off injury, he played well on Sunday, making his effort and competitiveness known. His hustle and positivity is contagious. He knocked down several perimeter jumpers. He plays to his strengths. He doesn’t force the issue. He has a great understanding of what a good shot is for himself and his team. He has the length to be a versatile defender. He is the type of player who doesn’t want to be outworked on the court. As he continues to develop, improving his ball handling skills will allow for him to be a more versatile offensive threat.