2026 Cole Cloer from Orange High School comes in as one of the top prospects not only in the state but also nationally ranked. Cloer is coming off a tremendous freshman season and is looking to lead the charge once again, as he has developed and elevated his game even more. Which is why schools from all over the country are already offering him.

We caught up with Cloer to talk about his focus heading into the upcoming season, how his game has developed over the last year, more about his game, and the latest in his recruitment. Schools like Wake Forest, NC State, Iowa, and most recently Tennessee have offered, but several other schools have been expressing interest his way. He breaks it all down with Phenom Hoops.

Phenom: Wanted to first ask you about the upcoming season. What are your thoughts early on of what you have seen with your team'
Cloer: There is a lot of excitement around us. We are all together and have high energy, as well as high expectations for this year. Last year, we finished 17-10 but we could have finished better. But I feel like there is a lot of excitement and our guys have gotten better. We are a young team, but we are ready to start playing.

Phenom: You had a young core group last year. What does that early experience do for your team, including yourself'
Cloer: It is just another year of experience. We had a lot of freshmen, and it was kind of new to us. But now we have a year under our belt, and I think we are ready.

Phenom: How has your game developed in the last year'
Cloer: I feel like it has matured a lot, more efficient and my body has improved. I feel like I get to my spots more and not let guys determine where I score from. I think the biggest difference is my body.

Phenom: How would you describe your game to people who haven't seen your game'
Cloer: I feel like I'm versatile. Whatever the team needs, whatever the coach needs me to do, I feel like I can do it. It is a lot of scoring with my high school, but with CP3 I can do whatever they need me to do.

Phenom: Recruitment has been early, but you recently received an offer from NC State. What was it like to get that offer from a school right down the road from you'
Cloer: That was actually my team I grew up pulling for all my life and it is a legendary program, so it meant a lot. When we went on a visit, it seemed like a great program. The big thing that I noticed was the enjoyment from the players; the enjoyment of playing and being around each other, playing for Coach Keatts as well. They seem like a good program and a legendary program; everyone seems to love what they do.

Phenom: Thoughts also on Iowa, another offer you recently received'
Cloer: It was a great offer, my first Big Ten offer. They have had success putting playing at the next level, so it is a great program and a big school. It was a huge offer.

Phenom: You took a visit to Raleigh already, but what other schools have you been able to visit'
Cloer: I've so far visited Wake Forest, NC State, and North Carolina.

Phenom: Any schools that you have planned or want to visit down the road'
Cloer: I don't have any plans as of yet. Schools that have shown interest, I would like to go see more of.

Phenom: What schools have been showing interest your way so far'
Cloer: Schools like Alabama, Notre Dame, Villanova, LSU, and Clemson.

Phenom: What did you like about Wake Forest when you visited them'
Cloer: I got to see them practice, so I loved how Coach Forbes coaches. He is intense and really encourages his players. The practice was really hard, going 100 miles an hour, and after I had a chance to hang out with the guys. Wake Forest is part of the ACC and a legendary program.

Phenom: You also had a chance to visit North Carolina. How was that visit, what did the staff have to say, and what kind of interest do they have'
Cloer: I got to play pick-up with them actually, practice with the team and play with the team. It was kind of cool to play with them. North Carolina is a Top-5 school in the country, blue-blood, national championships, great coaches, great facilities, etc.' I got to talk to Coach Hubert Davis and the staff a bit; overall it is a great program. They have been showing a lot of interest and came to Orange HS after my visit. Coach Lebo has been to a lot of my games this summer as well. I have also talked to Coach Davis two or three times as well.