Phenom Hoops was able to watch the Ron Massey Memorial Fall Hoops Classic, presented by Pangos, as there were a ton of prospects that caught our eyes on the court. The one that really stood out in our first viewing of him was 2025 6’6 Tounde Yessoufou from St. Joseph’s in California.

Did he put on a show at the event, going for 40+ points on Day 1 and then backing it up with another impressive performance. Here is what we had to say about his game after watching:

“If you haven’t heard his name yet, you will and should quickly.  He was absolutely off the charts and couldn’t be denied, as he finished with 42 points to lead his team. Yessoufou scored how he wanted, when he wanted, and really shot the ball extremely well from outside. He uses his 6’6 frame to his advantage, and can bully and finish through defenders, but did an excellent job in finding ways to create space and his shot. Surprises you with his outside game and his confidence in his perimeter game.”

Ranked already by several national media outlets as a Top-25/Top-50 player in the country, we had to catch up with Yessoufou to learn more about his game, his mindset, his preparation for his sophomore season, and what is going on in his recruitment in our latest Phenom 1-on-1.

Phenom: Starting off, how has everything gone this summer as far as basketball for you? What were you hoping to show more of with your game?
Yessoufou: My summer was amazing and I’m really glad that I played for Team Why Not with some great teammates and I hope that my sophomore year goes well. I want to show college coaches what I’m capable of and regardless, be the number one sophomore in my class.

Phenom: You had a terrific freshman year. How was it getting that early experience and how is that going to help you in your sophomore season?
Yessoufou: I think everybody can see the difference between my freshman year and my sophomore year. In my freshman year, I wasn’t able to shoot the three and I only played in the post but during the summer, I worked on my three-point shot and I think I improved it a lot.

Phenom: Certainly showed it over the weekend. What is your excitement coming into the high school season and now looking to be an even bigger leader for your team?
Yessoufou: My excitement is just playing against some of the best competition and you know I love to compete, always want to be the top one and push my teammates to be the best player they can be.

Phenom: Had a great weekend at the Ron Massey Memorial, really seemed locked in.  How would you best describe your game as of today and how you can operate on the court?
Yessoufou: I think I’m intense when I step on the court and I never let anything get in my head. I always push myself hard and it doesn’t matter what, I’m never satisfied with what I accomplish, I always want more.

Phenom: It is still early but what has been going on recruiting-wise for you? What has it been like getting that early interest from schools?
Yessoufou: Having that interest and offers show me that my work is paying off and helping to work even harder.

Phenom: What offers do you currently hold?
Yessoufou: Arizona State, Portland, UC San Diego, Cal Poly, and UCSB.

Phenom: What have they said they liked about your game early on?
Yessoufou: They all said they love the way that I play hard.

Phenom: What other schools have been showing interest early on?
Yessoufou: My coach talked to me about Baylor a while ago but besides that, not much.