Out in Maryland, Phenom Hoops was able to get in touch with 2025 6’6 Akbar Waheed III to check in on all the latest, as he continues to add more offers and interests his way. The high school season has started strong, as we dive more into his game, what he provides, his thoughts on the schools that have offered, and what other schools have been showing interest.

Phenom: How has everything been going so far this season for you?
Waheed: Everything has started well; exactly how my team and I thought it was supposed to be from the jump as we look to continue our momentum moving forward.  Just came off a great weekend all around, winning the tournament we played in.

Phenom: What are you hoping to show more with your game this year?
Waheed: This year, I am looking to showcase more of my all-around complete game.  I feel people have slighted me in that aspect, just labeling me as a shooter but that is not the case. I am an all-around player that would do whatever my team needs me to do for them to win and will show that for every game.

Phenom: How would you best describe your game and how you like to operate?
Waheed: If I had to choose a word to characterize my game, it would be “multi-skilled.”  I’m not a one-faced type of player and have many capabilities that I feel like I show while playing. I move freely with confidence on the court and I ty to make the right play every possession. While doing what it takes to win as well.  

Phenom: Recruitment has been going well. What has been all the latest going on as far as schools?
Waheed: Yes, recruitment has been going smoothly for me. My most cent offer was Murray State and George Washington. I have heard most from Pittsburgh, Penn State, Xavier, and Boston College lately, but there have also been a couple of schools that have been starting to pick up interest recently. Just taking everything one step at a time.

Current offers: George Washington, Murray State, Pittsburgh, Xavier, Boston College, Hofstra, Penn State, Albany, Howard, Mount St. Mary’s, Bryant, Maryland

Phenom: Thoughts on the schools that have offered?
Waheed: I’m very grateful for any school that takes an interest in my game. I appreciate them and all the schools that take the time to recruit me, it truly means a lot.

We also asked Waheed’s father about the schools that have been expressing interest his way that have yet to offer, and he mentioned schools like Wake Forest, Georgetown, Virginia Tech, Virginia, and St. Joseph’s have been schools reaching out.