If you follow any recruiting updates, one player that you have probably seen blow up over the last year and has been a hot target for many programs as of late is 2024 6’8 Trentyn Flowers from Huntington Prep. One of the premier prospects in the region, Flowers has racked up offers from Tennessee, LSU, USC, Memphis, Georgetown, Kansas, Cincinnati, Iona, and others all in the last few months and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down.

That is why we spoke with Flowers to learn about the latest in his recruitment and his start to the season in our latest 1-on-1.

Phenom: First, wanted to ask you how everything has been going overall for you at Huntington Prep? How has this season started off and your excitement coming into the program?
Flowers: Everything has been going well.  The season has started off well; I’ve been able to display my arsenal and the type of player I am.  We’ve had some big wins so far and have had some games come down to the wire.  Very excited for the program, as last year Huntington Prep didn’t play, so this year I’m going to be able to put HP on the map again.

Phenom: How would you best describe your game and what have you been wanting to show more of to start this season on the court?
Flowers: I’m a unicorn.  I can do everything at my size; I’m a point forward.  Just my playmaking and point guard abilities.  Everyone knows I can score, rebound, and block shots but just showing I have another side of my game.

Phenom: What areas of your game are you focusing on more to develop at this time?
Flowers: Always looking to improve in every area but just putting on some more size.

Phenom: Recruitment has gone really well.  First off, what has it been like overall with so many programs coming your way early on?  Been able to soak it all in yet?
Flowers: It feels great.  A lot of people were sleeping on me and the position I’m in right now has just shown all the work I’m putting in and everything, I’m getting what I feel like I deserve.

Phenom: What have schools been saying or what have you been hearing from them as far as feedback and what they like about your game overall?
Flowers: They love my ability to play multiple positions, guard 1-5, and be able to make high IQ plays; feel like I can fit in anywhere.

Phenom: A lot of SEC programs have already offered early on.  What is your thought on that conference overall? Any schools from that conference been staying strong with you?
Flowers: Great conference and all of them to be honest.  LSU and Tennessee just came in, so they are newer but I have great relationships with all my coaches.

Phenom: What was it like to get offers from Memphis and Kansas? How strong have they been on with you?
Flowers: Great offers especially with my stock rising.  Memphis, Coach Penny said that I reminded him of a young him, which is a big compliment and for Kansas, Andrew Wiggins went there so always greats when you have a school alum there and they’ve all been strong.  All schools have watched me play multiple times and are very interested.

Phenom: Still early I know, but has any schools been making you a big priority in your eyes early on?
Flowers: Yes, several of them but still early on, so hard to say.

Phenom: What schools have been showing interest your way but haven’t offered?
Flowers: Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, NC State.

Phenom: What has Duke been saying your way and how strong have they been?
Flowers: They have been talking to my coaches a lot and said I was a talented player.

Phenom: Same question for Kentucky and North Carolina.
Flowers: Have unofficial visits planned for both and the same goes for them.

Phenom: What schools do you have down to visit or any schools you would like to visit?
Flowers: No, I don’t yet; crazy schedule right now.  Not really sure schools yet until I narrow where I’m trying to go.

Phenom: But Kentucky and UNC are schools that you plan to visit, correct?
Flowers: Yes sir.