There are plenty of players receiving attention from programs around the country, and a player that has been making a bit more noise has been 2024 6'7 Ben Gladieux from Crossroads Christian School. Gladieux recently earned his first D1 offer from Stetson, but we wanted to dive into more of his game, how the summer went for him, his focus this upcoming season, and a little recruitment update.

Check out what he had to say.

Phenom: What was this summer like for you and your focus on development with your game, as well as showing more of what you can provide'

Gladieux: I really liked playing with Team Trezz, our schedule took us all over the country. We played against the top talent, and in front of hundreds of coaches.' Montrezz Harrell came out to coach us at a packed game during a live period event, and we won a close game against a shoe-sponsored team.' I really focused on lifting and gaining weight, and that showed when I had to score against bigger players.' Two memorable games were guarding Drake Powell and Paul McNeill Jr.' I was also able to play with Nassir Cunningham at Hoop Group.

Phenom: What are your goals personally for yourself this upcoming season'

Gladieux: This upcoming season I'd like to be seen as the vocal Senior Captain that I'm capable of, helping my teammates improve, and leading us again to at least Final 4 in the state.  I'd like to continue the weights and getting stronger both offensively and defensively.  

Phenom: How do you think your game has grown in the last year'

Gladieux: In the last year I've gotten more confident in my game. My wingspan has allowed me to play more above the rim, and I've gotten quicker on defense.' I'm more consistent with the 3 and can score at all three levels more effectively.'

Phenom: How would you best describe your game and what you can provide on the court'

Gladieux: I'm a versatile stretch 3 guard who can hit shots, take it to the rim, play defense, and see the open man. I love blocking shots, especially as it gets the crowd into the game.' I've really gotten more efficient behind the arc, especially the college line, as I performed well at the elite camps.' ''

Phenom: What has been going on overall in your recruitment' What have coaches been saying' What are your thoughts on your offers' and who else has been showing strong interest your way as well'

Gladieux: This summer I was able to pick up multiple offers both D2 and now D1.' Elite camps helped a lot, and I have about 9 more D1s showing interest.' Coaches like my skills and height but have consistently talked about gaining weight and lifting.' They are looking to see if I can fit their system and culture.' I'm extremely grateful for my offers and honored to play at the next level. A big part of this is fulfilling my dream of playing in college, and I see these offers as a way to prove to myself that I've put the work in and it pays off.'