Down in South Carolina at Cardinal Newman, 6’4 Josh Beadle has been able to make a name for himself over the years with his impressive play.

He brings a unique skill set to the table with a blend of athleticism, poise, and versatility.  Phenom Hoops’ founder Rick Lewis described him best this summer, when he was one of the standouts at the Elon Elite camp, saying:

“He can play and guard multiple positions and impressed us with his ball-handling, passing skills and tremendous court vision. Beadle has the ability to score from all three levels. He can beat you off the dribble and finish with thunderous dunks, hit the mid-range and torch you beyond the 3-point line. His quickness, athleticism and advanced skill set made him one of, if not the most difficult player to defend.”

Beadle has been putting in the work this offseason and high major schools are heading down to check him out, along with several others.

Phenom Hoop Report went 1-on-1 with Beadle, checking in to see who has been making him a priority, his recent recruitment, and looking ahead to an exciting season for the junior guard.

PHR: How has this offseason been going for you? How did your summer go in AAU season?

Beadle: This offseason has been fun and I’ve been working on everything, my right hand, my bounce, gaining weight, getting stronger, and getting my jumper better. As far as AAU, it was a fun summer with the guys. I got to play with my guys Bryce McGowens, Quenton Flood and Robert McCray, and overall it was a good season but we just didn’t end well.

PHR: What is your outlook on the upcoming high school season with yourself and with team?  What have you been working on with your game lately?

Beadle: This high school season is going to be very fun.  I know I have to play a bigger role. I honestly think it’s going be fun this year, as half of our team are seniors, so I want them to end their high school careers with a bang. Lately, I’ve been working on my shot, my off-hand, and being a point guard. With all of that, I have to be consistent.

PHR: How would you best describe your game on the court and what do you pride yourself on?

Beadle: I’d have to best describe my game as a player that loves to run the floor, get out in transition, make plays and score. I’d say I pride my game in scoring honestly but I do play defense now. When you’re scoring it’s so much easier to play defense and get a stop.

PHR: How has your recruitment been going?  Has it picked up?

Beadle: My recruitment has been going well and it has picked up. I’ve heard from over 25 schools I picked up a few offers as well this summer.

PHR: You hold an offer from USC-Upstate right now? What are your thoughts on that program and what relationship have you been able to build?

Beadle: Yes, I do have an offer from USC Upstate. I think that Coach Dickerson and Coach Palmore did a really good job this offseason with recruiting. They definitely have some talent this year and, in my opinion, they can definitely make some noise this year in their conference. We have a good relationship, Coach Palmore comes to the school from time to time to check on me, he calls me, and he always tells me “don’t forget who was the first school to offer you”.

PHR: See several schools are heading your way lately.  What other schools have been showing interest in you and how strong have they been?

Beadle: I recently started talking to Auburn and coaches from VCU, Clemson, Auburn, Winthrop, and Charleston have stopped by the school to talk and watch me play.  They’ve all been consistent with keeping in touch.

PHR: Have you been able to develop a relationship with those coaches or schools? Which ones specifically and how often do you keep in touch?

Beadle: I have a pretty good relationship with all of those coaches and a relationship to me is everything. You have coaches who’ll offer guys then build the relationship.  In my opinion, that isn’t the way to go and I think all the coaches have done good with building a secure relationship.

PHR: Have you been able to make any visits?  Also, do you have any upcoming ones? If so, when and where?

Beadle: I haven’t really got the chance to take many visits yet, but I’ve been to Clemson and I plan to take more unofficials. Not sure when and where yet.

PHR: With your Clemson visit, when was that and how did it all go? What did the staff have to say?

Beadle: I visited Clemson on August 29th for a football game.  It went well but I got there late because of school, so I just got to watch the game but they still showed love.  They all spoke to me when I got there and I enjoyed the game.