2022 Aaron Murphy has been a staple at Greenfield and a leader on the court. Playing with a strong frame and having a unique inside-out ability, Murphy has been incredibly productive during the high school season and during travel ball. With that production and impact on the floor, college coaches have been looking his way as he has added two offers this summer.

We spoke with Murphy to learn about the latest, his thoughts on the offers, how he has improved over the summer, and his excitement heading into the season.

Phenom: First off, how was this summer for you, playing with Garner Road and all? How were you able to improve your game and what did you want to show more of?
Murphy: Summer was great.  Got to play in front of a lot of coaches; it was amazing.  I kept just being myself honestly.  My coaches pushed me to levels I never thought I could reach. I wanted to show to that I’m that it’s my time now and I’m going to be on top for a while.  The job isn’t finished.

Phenom: How would you best describe your game on the floor and how you like to operate?
Murphy: My game on the floor is very unique.  I’m an inside-out scorer and can defend like my life is on the line.  PJ Tucker, is my guy for many reasons.  I love to move the ball and then attack at the right moment.

Phenom: What is your focus for the upcoming season at Greenfield?
Murphy: To win a ring! I have to win one, it is my last year.  To also make my teammates better.

Phenom: What are your thoughts on this year’s squad? What excites you?
Murphy: That we all have each other’s backs.  If one falls, we all pick that person up.  We are some dawgs ready to unleash.

Phenom: Recruitment has been going well.  Got that first offer from VMI. What was that moment like for you and what did they have to say your way? What did they like about your game and what you can bring?
Murphy: They love how I play and interact with my teammates.  That moment was amazing. Watching my parents cry from joy is amazing. They love that I rebound on both ends very well and they love how I invite the contact on both ends. I can bring leadership and toughness to the team.

Phenom: What about Mount Olive? What did they have to say your way?
Murphy: Same stuff.  They love how I hustle and play hard.

Phenom: What other schools have been showing strong interest your way these days?
Murphy: Presbyterian, Western Carolina, Campbell, Elon, Queens, Barton, and Furman.

Phenom: Have you taken any visits or plan to down the road?
Murphy: I took two unofficial visits in the summer to The Citadel and VMI.  Nothing is planned yet for any upcoming visits except for Queens.