The bloodlines run pretty well for the McGowens family.  If you remember guard Trey McGowens from three to four years ago, he exploded onto the scene with explosive game and athleticism, eventually landing at Pittsburgh with head coach Jeff Capel.

In Trey’s first season for the Panthers, he started 32 games and averaged 11.6 points per game in his freshman campaign.

Well, there is yet another McGowen that is becoming a highly-touted prospect just like Trey.  6’4 Bryce McGowens has made a name for himself, especially in the state of South Carolina.  But now, he will be heading to North Carolina with Lincoln Academy, continuing to show why he should be regarded as one of the top prospects in either state and nationally.

Bryce’s recruitment has hit another level in the past year or so, with high-major programs continuing to make him a priority.  He discusses with Phenom Hoops the latest with him transferring and what he is looking for at the next level.

Phenom: How has your summer been for you?

McGowens: “My summer has gone really well.  AAU season went good but not as planned.  We wanted to win the Gauntlet but we came up short; just have to get ready for next year.  Right now, I have moved to Lincoln Academy with Coach Larry Davis as our head coach.”

Phenom: Big move to Lincoln Academy.  Thoughts on the program and what made you decide there? What have you seen so far or heard about?

McGowens: “So far, the program is great from athletics to academics.  I decided to go there to get ready to play at the next level, physically and mentally, and to get the most out of myself.  Playing on a national schedule with the top competition is what I’ve always wanted.”

Phenom: It has been an exciting time for you with offers from all over coming your way.  What has been your overall thoughts on your recruitment?  What have the coaches been saying that they like about your game?

McGowens: “All of this is exciting but I’m just blessed to be in a situation like this where I can go to school.  They love seeing the different types of ways I can score the ball, at the same time, being an unselfish player and getting others involved.  They talked about how my improvement in different areas opened an eye for them and how much potential I still have.

I will most likely start narrowing my choices after the season.”

Phenom: What are some factors that you are looking at when you talk to coaches and looking at programs?

McGowens: “Relationships with the coaching staff, playing style/fits, player development, and when I’m done with basketball, how can the school help me.  Making me a better man along with basketball player also.”

Phenom: What visits have you made to schools so far?

McGowens: “South Carolina, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh, Xavier, Clemson, and Georgia.”

Phenom: Do you have any upcoming scheduled visits to schools?

McGowens: “I don’t have any scheduled visits but Florida, Florida State, and LSU want me to visit soon.”

Phenom: Would you say any of those schools that have offered have really made you a high priority, maybe more than others?

McGowens: “Georgia, Clemson, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh, Xavier, South Carolina, and Providence are showing lots of love and LSU has been up there recently.”

Phenom: Always like to ask how players would best describe their game on the court in their own words.  How would you best describe your game and what areas are you focusing on this upcoming season?

McGowens: “I would best describe my game as a high basketball IQ player who is versatile and can play multiple positions with my length and size; positions 1-3.  I can score at all three levels, can create shots for my teammates.  Areas I am focusing on are: Getting stronger and adding weight to absorb contact better, becoming a better rebounder for my position, and a better defender.”