There were a lot of intriguing individual matchups at the Kinston MLK Classic, but few more exciting than Jajuan Carr against Carter Whitt within the Pender v. Leesville Road battle. The expectations were high, but these two certainly delivered. It was neck-and-neck for a majority of the game, as these were two of the most evenly-matched squads in attendance at the event. Carr ran Pender like a well-oiled machine, doing a strong amount of everything and setting up guys at every opportunity. Pender was extremely balanced in their scoring attack, but Jakwon Moore led the way. Meanwhile, Whitt maintained his impressive presence throughout this contest and was able to dictate the action very well. In addition to Whitt, Leesville Road enjoyed phenomenal performances from Chase Hakerem, Alex Daniels, and Aaron Zemonek, leading to their 72-64 victory over Pender.