Standing a lengthy and legitimate 6'8, 2019 Patrick Williams sports approximately 14 offers. They range from ACC schools such as Florida State, NC State, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest. In addition, he has offers from Cincinnati, DePaul, Florida, and Penn State. We have seen Patrick Williams countless times and each time we come away more and more impressed, both on and off the court. Last year, we wrote the following. 'Without question, Patrick Williams is a marquee player in the North Carolina class of 2019 and is on the verge of a huge uptick in this recruitment. In our opinion, he is the next big star to come out of West Charlotte. First of all, he has tremendous size, length, athleticism and unbelievable feel for the game and we were equally impressed with his poise and maturity.'


While we live in a age where the trend is to 'reclass' and hold back players to enhance their rankings, Patrick Williams is just the opposite. You see, Williams is young for his grade. He just turned 16 years old this past August. In speaking with his mother, he sports an impressive 3.8 GPA, but this only begins to tell the story. First of all, we are talking about mature young man on and off the court. On the court, Williams plays with a quiet confidence. He has the ability to completely dominant with his sheer size, length and athleticism, but often refrains so he can play within the team structure. Off the court, Williams will impress you with his humbleness, kindness, and mannerisms. When speaking with Williams, he always listens intently with his eyes and gives verbal acknowledgment by answering all questions and conversations with 'yes sir or no sir, 'not to mention the words 'thank you' is part of his vocabulary. Simply put, Patrick Williams carries himself with maturity and is a terrific example of what's good about our youth. For this young man, Patrick Williams is simply a 'class above.'