PASSing The Torch by Kevin Dawkins

Before Breon Pass went to Reidsville High School, there was another Pass leading the Reidsville Rams on the basketball court. Curtis Pass, Breon's dad , after having an amazing career at the high school, he attended Old Dominion before transferring to the University of West Georgia, where he would later be inducted into the Wolves Basketball Hall of Fame. Curtis pro career would continue once he left West Georgia by playing on the European traveling team. He would later play in a summer pro league in Los Angeles before entering the coaching ranks.

I first met Curtis while he was coaching Team Phoenix which at the time Breon was playing up an age group. I could tell by the way he went up and down the sidelines coaching those young men he had a passion and coached all the kids the same way. Curtis is the type of coach you would love your child to play for. He knows the game well and played at a high level and is all about the kids.

When most people think about Breon, they only focus on his basketball skills, but boy did they miss his other talents! Breon stands out as a 3-sport star on the basketball, football and baseball team. He has already secured an offer to play basketball at East Carolina University and has even taken a few trips to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for football.

As I watched Breon over the years, I've noticed that he continues to amaze me and others by adding something new to his basketball game. For starters, he is a very mature player on the court. This could be because he is a coach's son and has always played with older and more experienced players throughout his life. He was known as a 'shooter' but has now developed his game to being able to put the ball on the floor and taking 'flight' on competitors. My favorite part of Breon's game is that he is an intensive defensive player and has no problem guarding you full court.


CP:You been at Reidsville for a couple years now what was your first thoughts when you got the call saying they wanted you to become their coach'

I really felt like it was about time but at the same time I was grateful, I got the opportunity to lead my alma mater in a traditional direction. Not saying anything about the coaches that were before me that helped me gain knowledge for the game outside of playing (Coaches Ron Parson and Chris Carter). It was a sense of urgency to regain the community's support, as well as that Ram pride the program had in the 90's and early 2000's.

CP: Do you see any of your game in Breon'

Other than shooting the ball really well, Breon has really surpassed me in every aspect of his game compared to mine at his age. I think he has done well by creating his own identity the way he chooses to do it.

CP: How does it feel watching him compare to how it felt playing the game'

It's a joy and relief due to the fact that I feel that we have done things the right way up to this point to see him compete the way he does at the highest level. We're talking about a 2-3 sport athlete who maintains a 3.5 or above GPA in which I couldn't be more proud of because I was a little different in that area!

CP: Final question you have been his coach and trainer pretty much forever who would win 1 on 1 and also who would win a shooting contest'

He would definitely win the 1 on 1 challenge. Shooting would have to go to him as well, only because my time has expired and the time I could spend on myself, I give it all to him without hesitation. I do my best to give every minute of my life to see that he has the chance to become whatever he chooses to be in life. I have a few trainers who have shared wisdom and knowledge to contribute to his game as well (Turner, Moody, Graves and Robinson), but the majority of it has been me. Training him is easy but coaching him is even easier and most importantly fun.

BP: Coach’s sons take a lot of heat how you deal with pressure of not only playing for your dad and also living up to what your dad did at Reidsville'

I know. It's a lot of pressure but I just continue to stay focused and humble. Being the coach's son can be challenging at times. I say that because everything you do your teammates also think that they can do it as well, so I just continue to remain a leader. My dad has done a lot at Reidsville, I strive every day to be better than my dad and take it to another level.


BP: How did it feel getting that 1st offer and besides ECU what other schools have reached out to you for basketball.

The first offer is always exciting, especially coming from a D1 program. Other than ECU, I have been in touch with NC State.


BP: What areas of your game do you want to improve on'

I always want to improve on everything but the one thing I'd say I'd want to improve on is finishing at the rim through contact and being strong with the ball.


BP: How do you see the season going for you all this year and your role with the loss of the seniors from last year'

This year is going to be really challenging for us. Losing 7 seniors last year is pretty tough. I believe that we have underclassmen that can fill all of the roles that the seniors have left. My role for this season is really being a leader. I see a great future ahead of us.


BP: Out of the 3 sports you play which one is your favorite and why'

This is the main question that everybody has been asking. It is a hard decision between basketball and football now. I have decided to give up baseball and cut it down to two sports. I can see myself playing football and basketball at the college level, I just have to see how it all works out down the road.



BP: Final question same one I asked your dad who would win 1 on 1 and also who would win a shooting contest'

My dad has no chance against me (lol), he still can hoop but he has no chance against me (lol)!