Palmetto State Unsigned Seniors “Stock on the Rise”

We have often stated, “South Carolina isn’t just a football state.” As a matter of fact, the Palmetto state is fast becoming a hotbed for basketball recruiting at the collegiate level and even the BLUE BLOODS have taken notice. In the 2018 class, Zion Williamson (Duke), Aaron Nesmith (Vanderbilt), Jimmy Nichols (Providence) and Sharone Wright (Wake Forest) headlines a stellar and national recruiting class. This year you have Josiah James (Tennessee), Juwan Gary (Alabama), Trae Hannibal (South Carolina), CJ Felder (Boston College), and Christian Brown who has since transferred to Oak Hill Academy. Now, the Palmetto state is more than just a recruiting stop for the Power Five schools, it is now a priority. That being said, there still remains a wealth of talent and plenty of high profile players that will certainly garnish plenty of recruiting interest.


6’8 Jalyn McCreary (Legacy Early College)

We were fortunate to watch Jalyn McCreary multiple times at the Phenom Porter Gaud Holiday Classic. We’re talking about a physical, athletic, mobile and versatile power forward that is a walking double double. He is quick for his size and has excellent bounce. He is so aggressive and active on the boards and has the ability to score off offensive rebounds or step out and hit a 10 foot jumper, not to mention great in transition. McCreary just finished an official visit to DePaul of the Big East. With his outstanding play in the month of December, Arkansas and Pitt are the latest to reach out and express interest as his recruitment is absolutely taking off!

6’3 Deuce Dean (York Prep)

Consistency is Deuce Dean’s calling card. No matter the venue, the setting or the opponent, you can expect one thing and one thing only. Deuce Dean is going to bring a steady workmanlike approach to the game. Never known for being the flashiest player on the court, Dean, however, will do all the little things that often don’t show up in the boxscore. First of all, Dean is a master technician on the floor. He is a low risk, high return point guard. He will control tempo and get his teammates in a position to score. In our opinion, Dean can be a little “too unselfish” at times, but the passer friendly point guard just makes his teammates better. We have stated this repeatedly and strongly feel his size, strength and overall skill set will translate easily at the collegiate level. Don’t be surprised if Dean ends up being a better college player than high school. Far fetched? I don’t think so!


5’11 Khalil Robinson (Gray Collegiate)

What’s not to like about a cerebral, high IQ and passer friendly point guard that is focused on getting his teammates in the right position to score.  Simply put, Robinson is the “glue guy” every teams needs to be successful. While Robinson is a “pass first” point guard, you can’t leave him open. He has a soft outside shooting touch with range and always seems to score within the framework of the offense. Robinson has the ability to score from all three levels which makes him a difficult point guard to contain. More importantly, Robinson is extremely poised and mature and the type of high character young man any college program would envy.


6’0 Zeb Graham (Nation Ford)

Zeb Graham is a quick on quick point guard. He has blazing end to end speed, not to mention tremendous court vision;  the ability to change speeds and directions on a dime. Graham can score from all three levels which makes him such a difficult player to guard. From our Battle at the Rock report, we wrote the following: “It’s hard to fathom that Graham is not a hotter commodity. He’s electric, entertaining, but most of all efficient.” In his head to head match up against national elite level a Tennessee signee Josiah James, Graham finished with 20 points going 7-10 from the floor, 4-5 from the 3-point line and 2-2 from the free throw line.Simply put, what’s NOT to like about a scoring point guard that can consistently knock down perimeter shots plus has the ability to get into the lane. He’s one tough player and some college is going to get a steal with his services for the next four years


6’0 Crosby James (Ridge View)

Crosby James is just a tough hard-nosed gritty guard. He plays with such tremendous energy and effort on both ends of the court. More than anything, we’re talking about a point guard that just makes things happen, whether it is creating scoring opportunities for his teammates; creating his own shot off the dribble/bounce; or by passing terrific defense. He’s a strong rebounding guard who simply has a knack for being around the ball. Defensively, he has excellent defensive anticipation which allows him to get into the passing lanes for deflections or steals.


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