If you missed the news, the three programs from Overtime headed to North Carolina Monday and Tuesday, to take on some of the premier programs in North Carolina (Liberty Heights, Winston-Salem Christian, and Combine Academy). Phenom Hoops was on deck Monday afternoon for all the action.

Overtime Fanning vs. Liberty Heights

Overtime Fanning: 86 (25-24-9-28)
Liberty Heights:  70 (20-15-22-13)

It was the start of a terrific day of basketball, with Overtime coming into town to play three premier programs here in North Carolina, with Overtime Fanning vs. Liberty Heights up first. In the first half, Overtime Fanning was led by a balanced attack between Kok Yat, Matt Bewley, and Johned Walker all getting into double figures at halftime.  But Liberty Heights competed led by one of the top guards in the state, Silas Demary Jr., who had 16 first-half points.  At halftime, Overtime Fanning led 49-35. It really became a battle in the third quarter, as Liberty Heights started to cut into Overtime’s lead and eventually cut it down to one at the end of the third, 58-57.  But Overtime Fanning, led by Walker, was just too much in the end and was able to expand their lead in the fourth and ultimately won 86-70.

Top Scorers:
Overtime Fanning: Johned Walker 21 points/6 rebounds, Kok Yat 19 points/4 rebounds/ 3 blocks, Amen Thompson 16/ 9 rebounds/ 4 assists, Matt Bewley 13
Liberty Heights: Silas Demary Jr. 20 points, 4 rebounds/ Elijah Jamison 15 points/ 6 assists/ Ryan Prather Jr. 15/ Ezra Ausar 6 points, 11 rebounds

Overtime Leitao vs. Winston Salem Christian

Overtime Leitao: 96 (28-22-27-19)
Winston Salem Christian: 95 (24-17-29-25)

In the second game, fans got another treat as Overtime Leitao and WS Christian battled it out and left it all on the table. Both teams went at it early and often, as Overtime Leitao was able to get out to an early lead after the first quarter, leading 28-24. Second quarter, Leitao was able to create just a little separation over WS Christian 50-41 as Ausar Thompson led the charge with 17 first-half points and Jaylen Martin chipped in with 15 points. Camien Shell though was on another level in this matchup, helping lead the way for WS Christian while having help from Quante Berry and Christ Essandoko as well. In the second half, this was a grind-it-out battle between these two teams and Shell was the go-to player towards the end. He was absolutely terrific, eventually helping WS Christian hold the 1-point lead with seconds remaining but it was Thompson and Overtime that had the last laugh, ultimately securing the 96-95 win.

Top Scorers:
Overtime: Ausar Thompson 32 points, 11 rebounds/ Jaylen Martin 19 points, 3 rebounds/ Bryce Griggs 17 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists
WS Christian: Camian Shell 35 points, 7 assists, 4 rebounds/ Christ Essandoko 16 points, 13 rebounds/ Quante Berry 18 points

Overtime Gomes vs. Combine Academy

Overtime Gomes: 106 (20-31-28-27)
Combine Academy 95 (17-20-35-23)

In the third and final game of the night, Overtime Gomes and Combine Academy matched up what was looking like a very intense matchup. Both teams got off to a start with Overtime taking the slight lead 20-17 at the end of the first. But that Overtime started to put their foot on the gas and expand their lead out to 51-37 at halftime led by Jazian Gortman and Jean Montero who combined for 26 points. Jayden Epps and AJ Smith led the first half with eight points each. Second half though, you never want to count out Combine as they started to get rolling, cutting into Overtime’s lead and getting it 79-72 at the end of the third. Both teams continued to battle and make plays but there wasn’t enough left for Combine and Overtime’s duo continued to make big play after big play, eventually securing the 106-95 victory.

Top Scorers:
Overtime: Jean Montero 33 points, 8 rebounds/ Jazian Gortman 21 points, 4 assists/ Dominick Barlow 16 points
Combine: Jayden Epps 39 points, 6 rebounds/ Matai Baptiste 19 points, 4 rebounds/ AJ Smith 13 points/ Patrick Wessler 13 points, 6 rebounds