On Saturday, Phenom Hoops traveled out to Winston-Salem, North Carolina for another special open gym feature on Team CP3’s 15s, 16s, and 17s. This organization is consistently one of the most talented programs in the state and home to numerous NBA players and overseas professionals. Since basically every player on the roster is a noteworthy name, we will be taking a closer look at some personal standouts from each age group…

6’3 ’24 Tyler “Tybo” Bailey (Oak Hill)

Generally speaking, most folks around grassroots basketball tend to get the most excited about the oldest age group within a given program. However, there are plenty of young, future stars worth acknowledging, including Tyler Bailey. Due to Aden Holloway’s absence, Bailey was thrust into being the lead creator and decision-maker for this squad. Despite being a year younger than his teammates and playing out of position for majority of their scrimmage, he was still among the most impressive prospects on the floor. Bailey is already quite physically mature and possesses a great combination between size, skill, and athleticism—especially for his age. He maintains a pretty calm demeanor but highlights leadership and a killer’s mentality on both sides of the ball. Though Bailey is more of an off-guard and secondary ball-handler, he appeared very comfortable operating with the ball in his hands and making plays for himself and others. Furthermore, he already has the necessary strength to finish through contact and truly compete with older, more physically developed opponents. Bailey is a productive rebounder and useful defender with the ability to create fast-break opportunities through forcing turnovers. There’s a lot of appeal with Bailey, and he’s only going to continue getting better going forward. 

6’7 ’23 Greg “GG” Jackson (Ridge View)

After establishing himself as the top prospect in South Carolina’s Class of 2023 throughout the last year, it’s no surprise to see Greg Jackson on this list. He’s long, skilled, and displays a lot of versatility on both ends of the floor. Although Jackson has continually added to his perimeter game, his defensive ability is arguably his most appealing quality. At 6-foot-7, he already has the tools and understanding to comfortably defend two or three positions at a high level. He moves extremely well for his size and seems to naturally cause mismatches with his combination of IQ, fluidity, and skill. Jackson’s uncommon defensive prowess allows him to actively toggle between the paint and perimeter, which allows him to consistently accumulate blocks andsteals. That being said, Jackson’s inside-out ability is also quite evident on the offensive end of the floor. He displays touch, solid creation skills, and a pretty reliable perimeter jumper. Jackson moves well without the ball in his hands and makes his rebounding presence felt at all times. The amount of tools and overall ability that Jackson already possesses should make for a dominant prospect over these next three seasons. It would be shocking if he didn’t become a priority for all types of Division I programs. 

6’5 ’23 Marcus Brown (Covenant Day)

One year ago, Marcus Brown was quietly among the most enticing prospects on this Team CP3 roster. That statement still holds true, as Brown has as much chance to become a star as anyone in attendance. He possesses an ideal frame for a young wing player and continues to add strength to his body. Brown isn’t necessarily the loudest or flashiest guy in the gym, but his subtleties and well-rounded skillset make him undeniably effective. His IQ and instincts are evident on both ends of the floor, given his ability to do a little of everything on offense while actively switching across multiple positions on defense. Brown seems to organically slide into a low-maintenance role and exude production, regardless of setting or surrounding teammates. He’s smart, plays hard, and doesn’t really seem to have any glaring weaknesses within his game. Brown leads by example and shows a willingness to do the dirty work whenever necessary. Like everyone mentioned, Division I coaches would be wise to get involved with Brown sooner than later. 

6’0 ’23 Xavier Tubbs (Trinity Christian)

There are so many incredibly talented guards within the Team CP3 program, including Xavier Tubbs—who seems to look better with each new viewing. He’s extremely quick and fast, which makes him difficult to contain in transition and when attacking off the bounce. Tubbs highlights an elite pull-up jumper from the midrange area but also knocks down three-pointers and finishes at the rim with strength or craftiness. He’s a sharp ball-handler with nice vision and the ability to keep opposing defenses on their toes. Tubbs is an excellent defender at the point of attack, consistently displaying great positioning and first-step anticipation on that end of the floor. He showcases the ability to set up the offense, create off the dribble, or operate without the ball, which makes him a pretty malleable player. It’s still early in his young career, but expect Tubbs to emerge as a major force for Trinity Christian while attracting college coaches for these next few years. 

(DNP: Aden “Biz” Holloway)