On Friday, Phenom Hoops traveled to Greensboro Day School for a special open gym feature on the NC Gaters, a program with some of the top up-and-coming talent from the Greensboro area. Their 15U team has already made noise at our Phenom Challenge and were just narrowly defeated in the championship contest. This article will take a closer look at the makeup of their roster and what we can expect of them throughout the current summer season.


5’11 Connor Ballou (Northwest Guilford)

Smooth-shooting guard prospect with the ability to play either backcourt position due to his blend of shooting and ball-handling. He displays a solid feel for the game and a willingness to defend the point of attack with aggression. Ballou looks to pass to open teammates whenever possible but understands how to move without the ball and take advantage of pull-ups or spot-up opportunities from beyond the arc.


5’2 Riggs Handy (Greensboro Day)

The small guard prospect is very unassuming, but he’s an absolutely incredible shooter, especially off the catch from beyond the arc. Handy moves well without the ball and displays great patience when setting himself up. He’s able to initiate the offense whenever necessary and takes care of the ball fairly well, despite his lack of size. Handy knows his role and how to properly maximize it, which includes playing hard on defense.


6’0 Jackson Helms (Northern Guilford)

Helms is an all-around point guard prospect that plays with terrific poise and patience on both ends of the floor. He possesses a nice IQ and arguably has the best game management abilities of any guard on the roster. Helms doesn’t have many foreseeable weaknesses; he scores the ball efficiently from all levels, makes intelligent reads with the ball in his hands, pursues rebounds and plays with a quality motor, especially on defense. He can operate well in a variety of different roles.


6’4 Nolan Hodge (Northern Guilford)

It’s easy to see the obvious attraction with a prospect like Hodge, who has developed exceptionally well over the last year and is still just beginning to harness his abilities. He’s a long, wiry guard prospect with a pretty natural feel for the game on both ends of the floor. Hodge is very smooth and quite fluid for his size. He shoots the ball very efficiently from the perimeter and can take advantage of smaller opponents around the basket. Hodge defends and rebounds the ball well despite possessing true strength. He has a chance to become special upon getting stronger and tougher.


6’6 Jackson Noble (Greensboro Day)

The long-bodied forward/post prospect has clear upside and could be a quality high school contributor by next season. He continues to add strength and poise, which has improved his interior presence on both ends of the floor. Noble has the ability to step out and hit the occasional jumper, but is at his best when working out of the post. He displays a quality feel for the game and stood out as one of the best leaders/communicators on the team.


6’2 Cameren Spencer (Grimsley)

The strong-bodied wing prospect is the primary glue-guy on this roster, given the amount of action he affects on both ends of the floor. Spencer naturally makes things happen just by playing within himself. He is smart and it’s evident in basically everything he does, from passing to scoring to positioning himself for rebounds, and was the most energetic two-way player on this team. He’s a defensive menace with quality versatility, given his blend of size, strength, and quickness.


6’4 Marschall Uber (Greensboro Day)

The strong-bodied post is among the more intriguing prospects on this squad, given his ability to consistently fight inside on both ends of the floor. Uber pursues every available rebound and runs the floor with great purpose. He possesses excellent touch around the basket and can step out to hit the occasional midrange jumper. Uber utilizes his size very well around the basket and understands how to play within himself and the team concept.


5’7 Jordan Wall (Grimsley)

The wiry guard prospect showed various flashes throughout this practice, but looked his best in the open floor. He shoots the ball well from the perimeter but prefers to attack the basket whenever possible. Wall plays with a calm demeanor and displayed nice vision when getting to the rim. He has a solid feel for the game and showed a willingness to make the extra pass whenever possible. Wall is a quality on-ball defender that forces turnovers with his motor and positioning.


6’2 Drew Watkins (Northwest Guilford)

The well-rounded forward prospect offers a great change of pace for this team, given his blend of inside-out skills. He rebounds the ball at a strong rate and runs the floor well in transition. Watkins does a terrific job of utilizing his knockdown midrange shot to open up opportunities to highlight his finishing ability and three-point shot. The lefty possesses quality length and plays with a strong activity level at all times.


5’11 Matthew Wheaton (Grimsley)

The scrappy off-guard serves a great spot-up threat for this team; he’s patient and operates well within the flow of the offense. He passes the ball well and makes quality decisions in the open floor. Wheaton doesn’t force the action on either end of the floor. He contains his assignment effectively on defense and can apply offensive pressure from midrange or beyond the arc.